Soup and Socks

Today is Martin Luther King Jr day and I'm going to celebrate by shopping for soup and socks.

Are the stores having Martin Luther King Jr. soup and sock sales?  I certainly hope not!  (I hate the fact that we have Presidents Day sales for everything from cars to linens and Memorial Day is not about food, but that's another story.)  But I am shopping for both today and to in my own way honor the legacy of Dr. King.

First of all, I don't have to shop for these things on this day, but to me it makes sense.  I don't have to work today, so I have the time to shop.  But more importantly by specifically shopping today for these things I am focused on WHY I am making these purchases and how they can (and hopefully WILL) make this world a better place.

Starting with the soup...If you've been reading my blog over the years, you may recall that my church (specifically the youth) participates in The Souper Bowl of Caring.    (If you missed it:  and  The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away so now is the time for me to stock up on soup and other canned goods.  I may not be incredibly well off, but I DO have enough to feed my family every single day.  But there are plenty of people, even in my community which might be considered somewhat affluent, who don't.  This day is a good day to go out there buy soup (and other canned goods) that will help others.  (It also doesn't hurt that many stores are currently have sales on canned goods...Just a few weeks ago I was able to purchase 10 cans of soup for $10.  I kept 5 for my family and donated the other 5 to our local food pantry.  It was a win-win situation for us all!)

Moving on to the socks.  Last year my church, in conjunction with a local radio station, held a sock drive, and the church will be a drop off spot again this year.  Socks are one of the most needed items when it comes to those who are homeless.  I could tell you why, but I'm taking the easy way out and referring you to this article from last November.   Nutshell, socks are NEEDED and how easy is it to pick up an extra pair or two?  I'll also admit that my local Kmart is closing in less than 2 weeks.  Whatever merchandise that have left is deeply discounted.  I am taking advantage of that when it comes to socks.

All of this shopping and dropping off will take just a few hours of my time; maybe less.  (I'm factoring in traffic and such).  Isn't that the LEAST I can do?  I am may not be changing the world, but I hope I am helping to change one (or maybe more) person's world.


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