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That's how I feel this morning:  scattered, out of focus, off. It might have something to do with lack of sleep.  I know April showers bring May flowers, but I didn't know April also brought blasting winds and even snow!  (I live in NJ, not Canada!).  This is supposed to be spring break!  (Although not for me.  The rest of the family is off enjoying the time in Washington, DC, I am  holding down the fort and working.  Although if I had known at the time of making reservations and holiday plants that I would only be working part time, I might have made a different decision.  But my quest for full time employment to support the family so that we can ALL go away on a nice vacation is a whole other blog/story.) We all know about the wacky weather.  While I may have been sunning myself over the weekend and gotten a nice little glow, when I woke up around 1:30 this morning, the winds were knocking the lawn chairs over and what was left standing was covered in snow.  Not a lot of

It Started With A Concert...

A year go Saturday (that would be April 12th), my husband took me to a concert.  This was back when I had a job that paid me enough so that we could go to concerts (which are never cheap).  It was the first time the two of us "officially" saw Michael Nesmith together.  (We had both seen him in concert many years before, but that doesn't count since we didn't know each other then.)  It was a wonderful night.  There was wonderful music. And I will never forget it. That concert so moved me that I decided to write about it.  I felt that I had to.  I wanted to capture what I felt, what the experience meant to me.  I did it for myself.  And then I decided to put it in a blog. I had tried to blog many, many years ago.  But I didn't know what to say.  Or I didn't know what the point of blogging was. Maybe I should have stuck with it then, but I didn't.  (Aren't all our lives filled with maybes and should haves?) This review/article/blog memory was just s

First Walk of The Season

Saturday morning in spring (where it actually feels like spring).  It was the perfect time to get back out there and walk.  I was up early (when am I going to learn to sleep in on the weekends?) so off I went. It's been a long time since I was out for a morning walk.  And my legs felt those hills!  But I knew I needed it.  Not just physically, but mentally. Usually getting out there makes me appreciate what I've got and what's around me.  I needed that today and I've been needing it for a while. Unfortunately, as things have changed in my life, so also have they stayed the same.  I am a positive person, but once again I have found myself in a negative situation.  I know this situation will not last much's just a matter of which will come first, will I be able to open the door and walk out with my head held high or will I get booted in the behind?  As much as I am working toward the former (see previous blog entry on dealing with disappointment), I

Dealing with Disappointment

I don't care of if you're 5 or 105; dealing with disappointment isn't easy and isn't fun.  There's  not "being mature" about it.  Disappointment hurts.  It brings you down.  How could it not?  Even little disappointments are hard to swallow. Sometimes we need time to grieve when faced with disappointments.  There is no shame in having a breakdown and crying for a while.  There is no shame in getting mad and yelling and screaming.  Of course, both are situations are best dealt with in the privacy of your own home or place.  (Don't want to go screaming in the middle of the supermarket or something like that!).  Let your feelings out. And then, let it go.  Not easy, I know.  But let it go and move on. It sounds trite, but I was recently faced with a disappointing situation.  And I was sad and angry and a whole flurry of emotions.  I let myself have some time to be sad and depressed.  Time to be angry and frustrated. But when I got up in the mornin

Sunny Days and Muddy Pants.

Late yesterday afternoon I called my son in for dinner.  He'd been sick for most of the week and this was his first time out playing.  He was wearing gray sweatpants.  At least he had been when he ventured outside earlier in the afternoon.  When he came home his pants were muddy brown, streaked gray/green and there was also pink splotches (paint, he told me).  Am I mad?  Am I upset?  NO! Yesterday was the first real spring day I can recall.  I pulled out chairs from storage in the garage.  I didn't even bother to wipe them off (and they were pretty filthy).  I just plopped my butt down and took in the day.  It was warm.  There were birds singing.  There were two crocuses (that my son discovered) that had bloomed.  And it looks like several tulips are trying to make a comeback. My son ran all over the backyard.  He was on his hands and knees in the grass digging up mud.  God knows what else he was up to when the neighbor's kids came by to get him.  He ran off with their

Putting Away The Shovel

I think it's finally time.  That one last shovel in by the front door, do I dare put it away?  (We put away the other three we have and the ice chopper.  The bag of ice melt is still on the landing by the cellar stairs, but it may stay there undisturbed until...well I don't want to think about that.) The patches of snow have finally melted away from our street.  Even the huge mountain at the end of the block that I thought might never got away.  (No comment on the mountains that still exist at the local shopping plaza.  They are black and still taller than I am, but they are shrinking and I'm taking that as a sign.) The lawn is not yet green.  It is still a dingy brown.  But the buds on the trees that line the street are starting go come.  I've seen crocuses actually start to pop up on my neighbors lawn and the leaves of the tulips in my backyard are actually peering up through the dirt. While I might not be ready to take the cuddly fleece sheets off the bed yet,

No April Fool

As you go out today, don't be the April Fool.  Go out with a positive attitude and know that you can handle whatever life dishes out. I know words are much easier than actions.  I know there are negative people out there who will cut you down rather than lift you up.  And I KNOW how hard it is to deal with those people.  Even those of us who are "up" can get down when dealing with that sort of person.  But let it wash over you.  Like a giant under and come back up with a smile. And smile whenever you can.  You never know how a simple smile can impact one person's day.  Just as a negative one can bring you down, a positive one can bring you up.  A simple, kind action or word can make all the difference in the world to someone. So don't let the negatives of the day get you down.  Smile.  Move forward.  Be positive.  Your day will be much better for it.