Another Modest Proposal: The Abortion Answer

How I see it, a woman SHOULD have the right to make decisions over her body.  However, life is a precious thing...and many people see abortion as killing.  Although if something isn't BORN how can it be completely alive?  I'm not 100% on that...does that mean if we eat a sunflower seed we are killing a sunflower plant before it had a chance to grow?  If we dig up a sprout from the ground are we not killing a tree?

Let's put that aside for a minute.  For my purposes here, let's say that life begins at conception.  And to be clear, conception requires two things...and egg, which is INSIDE the female, and a sperm, which is inside the male UNTIL he ejaculates INTO the female.  And while there is one egg (per month give or take) that is hanging out in the female waiting to possibly fertilized, there are millions of sperm racing towards that egg.  In other words, these are hardworking guys.  They FIGHT their way upstream to get to that egg, win the race and create that "new life."  You need both elements for conception.  You can't have one without the other.  (Unless something drastic has changed that I am not aware of!)  While the sperm work their butts off (or should that be tails?) to get to that egg; it is the woman who literally carries the burden of the work.  Sometimes that work is so difficult that the body physically can't handle it; the woman miscarries.

But what does this have to do with the whole abortion question?  If we want to eliminate abortion, we need to be able to CONTROL conception.  In an ideal world, a couple has sex in order to create another human being.  In this ideal world, both people are in control.  But we don't live in an ideal world and we all KNOW that sometimes men cannot control their urges.  You know, when she dresses too provocatively and is "asking for it" and even when she says no, the man just KNOWS she means yes...I mean HOW is a man supposed to control himself when a woman is dressed in such a way that he can't help but whip his penis out and use it? There is also  rape, which is not about sex, but about violence and evil, and the only answer to that is castration.  The result of this sometimes is conception because the man's super-duper sperm triumphantly penetrates the egg and fertilizes it.  Since men cannot always control their urges, we need to be able to at the very least assure that the woman does not become pregnant unless she is 100% (or more) sure that she wants to live with the parasite that could become a baby in nine or so months.

In order to make sure that every fetus makes it out of the womb and into the world (discounting miscarriage), we have to make sure that procreation is carefully planned out.  When sex occurs NOT for the act of procreation, but for other reasons (whatever that reason might be), we need to make sure that no sperm can reach the egg.  While there are birth control methods out there, the one that is most reliable and places the burden where it SHOULD be (on the male) is vasectomy.  

My proposal is quite simple...every male should have a vasectomy.  Perhaps it could even be done before the baby is released from the hospital.  (The majority of males get circumcised so why not go one more snip?)  It could even be a requirement before a male child is released from the hospital!   No sperm means no pregnancy.  No pregnancy means no abortion!  How simple is that?

Before you jump down my throat, vasectomies CAN be reversed.  So when a man is of age and he and his female companion are committed to starting a family, he just undergoes the knife again.  How easy is that?  And even if you DON'T think it is easy; remember you are potentially saving an aborted fetus.  Surely the mild inconvenience would be worth it.

So let's all be pro-life (or should that be pro-fetus/pro-zygote?) AND pro-choice.  Let woman and man together make that all important decision on when they are ready to procreate.  Prevent insemination by stopping sperm.  Save the sperm.  No conception.  No abortion.    A always remember (as we were taught in The Meaning of Life):  Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate."  Eliminate all shades of, get a vasectomy today!


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