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Happy Birthday Snuffy

Today we celebrate Snuffy's birthday.  I have no idea how old Snuffy is.  I'll have to ask my son.  Because Snuffy is my son's stuffed fox. I have no idea WHY my son decided today was Snuffy's birthday.  I just happened to glance at the Lego calendar that hangs on the wall in his room and there in the box for Saturday, May 31st was written "Snuffy's Birthday".  Obviously this a momentous enough event to merit an entry on the calendar. My son is almost nine, yet he still adores certain stuffed animals.  Some never come out the toy box.  Some used to come out of the toy box and now rarely do.  Of course if it were up to my son, they'd ALL be out of the box and on his bed.  We've had to set up a limit of 3-4 stuffed animals on the bed at night.  And making the decision as to who it will be is always a difficult one. What make a stuffed animal "special" in my son's eyes?  It's a mystery to me.  Although he won't get rid of a

Honoring Them All

Memorial Day weekend:  Yes it's the unofficial start to the summer season (and boy do we NEED a summer season), but it's also time to remember those who served our country.  While I didn't attend any parades this year and I did spend the weekend at the shore trying to enjoy the sun and surf, it doesn't mean that I don't remember and appreciate those who have sacrificed so much for our country. For my family, the history of serving this country goes back as far as the American Revolution.  While working on a school project about the states, I was reminded that my ancestor, John Kilbury, fought at the Battle of Bennington which took place in August of 1777.  Legend goes that he fought for the American side only after being captured (having fought for the British) and given the opportunity to switch sides or be locked up.  The tale also goes that after the war, he settled in New England married and had several children; conveniently forgetting that he already had a w

50 Years

Today my mother and father celebrate 50 years of marriage.  When it comes to age, I don't think 50 is a big number, but when it comes to anniversaries, it definitely is. Several years ago I started to think about what I could do for my parents to celebrate this event.  My mom will say I should do nothing; after all I wasn't around when they were married.  But it's an important occasion for two people who helped turn me into the person that I am.  So I wanted to give them some spectacular to help them celebrate and to say thank you for being my parents.  Unfortunately, my finances and job situation over the past two years prevented me from giving them much of anything.  I'd give them the moon and stars to show them how much I love them and how grateful I am that they are my parents, but unfortunately I can't. So all I can do is give them my words. I love hearing about their wedding day.  My dad never told me much, but my mom did.  How it was a hot May day.  Abo


Today, (Sunday morning) nine teens were confirmed at my church.  I hope for each and every one of them it was a time of joy.  I hope that they all felt the love from the members of the congregation and know that we care for them. I hope that they continue to be an active part of the church community in whatever way they see fit, as each as different talents to offer.  Most of all, I hope they feel that they fit in and that they are truly part of the church. I say this as I think back on my own confirmation many years ago.  For me it was not a joyous occasion.  It was a time of stress.  And I definitely did not feel as if I fit in. Again, this was many years ago and I think things have changed since then.  Each member of the class had a mentor; I did not.  Each member had actively participated in church services in some way, I did not.  I'd like to think each learned something about Christianity and/or the church as a result of their confirmation class, for I did not.  (I can re

Appreciating Them More This Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  And I DO appreciate teachers!  Where would we be without them? This week, at least in our school, there is standardized testing.  I hate it.  I know it's necessary.  And in some way, it's probably preparing my child for the tests he's going to have to take for the rest of his life (fair or unfair as that may be).  This testing is taking place over 4 days (for some of the older grades it is longer).  It is the first time he is being exposed to an "important" test.  His teacher has prepared her class as best she can for this.  (Although I know this is necessary, I really wish she didn't have to do this.  I think her time would be much better spent "teaching" and not preparing them for testing.  That's not a dig on her or any other teacher.  It has to be done.  I understand that.  But what teacher out there got into the profession so that they could prep kids for a test?)  Still it is a stressful time for

The Unconventional Mother

The following is a sermon I gave on Mother's Day...Happy Mother's Day to All! Apologies to the men in the congregation, but today is Mother’s Day.  So I’d like to thank the mothers.  I’d like to thank my mother and my grandmother and all the other mothers in my life who helped make me the person I am standing here today.  When it comes to children, Hilary Clinton said it takes a village; I think it takes a whole lot of mothers to nurture and care for us.  And for some of us, this time right now, might be the only time we have to sit back and relax.  So do so right now…because this sermon is not that long and before you know it you’ll be back in the trenches as “mom”. When I say “mother” I’m not necessarily talking about the traditional mother.  You don’t have to give birth to be a mother.  And you don’t necessarily have to have your own children to mother them.  Think of all the wonderful women around us here.    Isn’t CC a mother to all of the children in the choir?  (A


Once again it is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I know there are many "appreciation" days and weeks throughout the year, but this is one that I really think we all should focus on.  Every one's life has been impacted one way or another by a teacher; whether it be for good or bad.  (And hopefully it's been for good.)  A good teacher can change your world.  (As can a bad one, but I know that I have been lucky in my life; the good has far outweighed the bad.  I can remember most of the teachers I have had over the years from elementary school on.  Probably the ones I can't are the ones who weren't very good.) What would we be like without teachers?  I have entrusted those in my school system to not only teach my child, but also to nurture him and help him grow.  Thus far I and my family have been greatly rewarded.  While I do my best to shape my son's life in a positive way, so too have the men and women who have taught him. We have also been blessed with te