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Happy _______________ Day!

April 27th is a very special day for me and my family, but unlike birthdays or anniversaries, I don't have a special name for it.  April 27 was the day that my son was legally recognized as ours. Let me backtrack...although April 27th was the day that my husband and I, along with our son and our attorney (and my dad who came along for the ride) went to the courthouse and had a judge declare that he as legally ours, he had been "ours" even before he was born. I think anyone who has ever gone through, or tried to go through the adoption process will agree that it can be more invasive than a colorectal examination while being audited by the IRS.  We went through all the hoops, paid all the fees, met with social workers, had physicals...the list goes on and on.  It was daunting to say the least.  And on going...for more than a year. As a matter of fact, I will confess that in March of 2005 I thought of giving up.  We had  worked with several different organizations and

Spring Break

In my town, this week marks Spring Break.  And it seems to me that most of my town is currently in Florida!  (Or more, specifically Walt Disney World.  But you would be thieves, beware, our local police are doing their usual great job of patrolling the area).  My drive time through town has been cut in half and the usual and the line of people at my favorite bagel place is non existent. This year, there is no Spring Break for me.  Unless you consider the fact that I can get out of the house quicker (since I don't have to get a little boy and his father up and moving and feed one of them breakfast -- you can guess which one).  And, as I said, the commute is faster (at least through is obvious that other towns in the area are  not on our schedule as the traffic by another town's high school is just as crazy as always).  And I could use a Spring Break...honestly, I could just use some spring. The calendar tells me that is is the end of April, but here on the East Coa

I don't care...

if your name is Dzhokhar, Muhammad, Jose, Meng, Liam, Francios, Benito, Anatoli, or John. (Have I covered enough stereotypical names?).  I don't care of you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, or Atheist.  (Again have I covered enough?).  I don't care about the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, what your sexual orientation is, or what you chose to wear.  (Well, maybe I do care a little bit about that...the butt crack pants have to do). What I DO care about is life.  (And today I'm focused on human life, but I just to be clear, I do care about all life on our planet). A bomb does not make you better, stronger, smarter or mightier.  A bomb does not make me see your point of view.  Shooting someone (or multiple people) does not make me want to rise up and join your cause.  As a matter of fact, all these things just make me think you are an ass. I am willing to listen to other points of view.  And believe it or not, occasionally, I WILL chang

It Won't Solve The Problem...

But what is wrong with background checks prior to purchasing a gun? Not to get too political here (because honestly I HATE politics mostly because these days "politics" are too far right or too far left for me), but I just don't get it.  And if anyone out there can tell me in plain, simple terms why we shouldn't have background checks, go for it... I had to have a background check for more than one job that I have held in my life.  And I'm not a high ranking official at a major corporation.  No big deal.  It didn't make me a better employee.  It didn't make me a worse one.  Most likely it did nothing, yet it was done.  No harm. And was it a pain in the neck to pee in a cup to make sure I had no drugs in my system?  Well it wasn't the most fun thing I've done in my day, but again, no harm.  And if I WAS using drugs I surely could have worked around the system.  (This wasn't a random check, so I was able to pick the day and time that I want

Bfth Bobs Her Hair

I never thought I'd be a model and I never really will be, but last I volunteered to be one at Anthony Roberts Salon. ( )  Some may know Anthony and his staff from the reality series Jerseylicious,  but I go way back with Anthony.  Before he was a reality tv star and before he had his own salon! The fantastic Jeff Greenfield put word out that he was looking for a model to do a bob on.  Now since Jeff usually cuts my hair, how could I say no???  So after work it was off to the salon (now conveniently located in Verona's 7-11 Plaza which is walking distance from my house) and a new experience. If I thought I was going to be the star of the  night, I was VERY wrong.  There were a half dozen or so other "models" all of whom were going to be "bobbed" by staff members. We all sat and waited while the stylists were given some specific training by the "teacher" of the evening, Nicole.  Then we were escorted to our "

There are things that I will never understand...

Like what happened in Boston today. Or in Newtown in December. Or in NYC on September 11, 2001. No matter who is behind any of the above (and there are countless more that I'm not citing), I just don't get it.  People die, people are hurt what does it prove?  (no big long debates here). We are all made up of the same essential elements.  As much as we want to be different, we are chemically the same.  No matter what our race, religion, sex...We may have different blood types, but we all have hearts that pump our blood.  And blood shed by one could just as easily be shed by another. I am not naive enough to think that we can all hold hands and sing on the mountaintop with icy cold bottles of coke in our hands, but for a moment couldn't we all just realize that every single one of us are part of the human race.  That for all the differences we are really just the same.

It's Monday Morning Again

So after years of saying I should try my hand at blogging, I have finally started.  It took a Michael Nesmith concert to kick my butt into gear (The concert was so good I just had to write about it.  And while I posted it on FB, I wanted to do more).  So here I am... As for the name of this blog...well...many years ago I was at a work event and we were making bead bracelets with our names on them.  I was late in the game and they ran out of "E"s.  So my bracelet read:  BFTH.  And as for the boring part...I'm  just your average person.  Not much thrilling in my work days are up early, work, go home and be with the family and off to bed.  Boring, right??? Any way, I have no idea exactly what I'm getting myself into here or doing, so if you are reading this, bear with me.  (Is anyone reading this or am I just indulging myself and thinking that I am doing more than just laying down words on what once would have been a piece of paper in a notebook.  And I hav

A Few Words About Michael Nesmith

Friday, April 12 th Steve took me to see Michael Nesmith at the Union County Performing Arts Center; a charming theatre that has been around since the early part of the last century and miraculously survived being torn down and becoming a parking lot.  It was not the first time the two of us had seen “Papa Nez” in concert.  While promoting his album Tropical Campfires in early 1992, he had done a concert at the now defunct Lone Star Roadhouse in NYC.  Both Steve and I were there; even though we didn’t even know each other yet. Twenty years later that night is still burned in my memory.  Friends and I sat at a table that was on the same level as the stage and so close to the band that I was practically sitting in John Hobbs’ lap.  (And since I’m assuming that many of you don’t know the various members of the Nesmith band over the years, John was the keyboard player during that tour).  While there were wonderful songs from that album written by Nesmith (personal favorites include