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It's NOT About the Turkey

Thanksgiving:  It's all about the turkey right?  What is the first thing you think of when you think of the holiday?  BE HONEST!  Are you really thinking about what you are thankful for or are you thinking of turkey?  Word Association:  Black/White, Hi/Low, Thanksgiving/? For most of us Thanksgiving = Turkey. There are those who might come up with stuffing or pumpkin pie as their first thought, but let's face it the bird is the "face" of the holiday.   Of course we all know that Thanksgiving is not just about the food.  It's about a time of reflection and gratitude. But let's put aside all the "good thoughts" for a moment and be a bit more realistic.  Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends.  But isn't that celebration done through the massive consumption of turkey (and other goodies)? For years my family has been denied the pleasure of the bird. My son didn't find out about what a "Thanksgiving Feast&quo

My Guilty Thanksgiving Indulgence

Thanksgiving is pretty simple around my house.  I have a small family, so our Thanksgiving meal is usually pretty quiet and uneventful.  There's not much fuss or muss.    As hostess, this is a big plus.  One thing I am very thankful for is that my family has managed to make Thanksgiving relatively stress free.  (I say relatively because there is ALWAYS stress...I seem to attract it like a magnet, but that's a whole other story.)  And it gives me time to indulge in a favorite annual pastime... Thanksgiving morning, I will wake up later than usual; which is not late.  I probably won't be out of bed until 7 (which is SHOCKING for me).  I will grab my wallet and head out to the local convenience store and pick up two newspapers:  one for my dad and one for me.  The cost will be higher than the usual daily paper and the paper will be heavier due to all the ads, which my husband says is ridiculous and he's right.  But I will still buy not just a paper for my dad, but f

SOMWaD: The Lunch Conundrum

(As this is Thanksgiving week and food is on everyone's mind, I thought this was the perfect time for this post.) Lunch at the middle school is different than Elementary school.  I found that out last year.  In the elementary school, where they don’t have a specific cafeteria, lunch could be purchased most days (not all) and options were limited.  You paid a set amount for lunch per day; around $3.50 a meal, which is pretty reasonable.  Depending on the options, every month I would fill out a form and send in a check for the days that my son would get a lunch.  It was around $25 - $30 a month.  Not a bad deal. In middle school, the kid can pay for every meal, which means you have to remember lunch money and have enough.  Or you can prepay via credit card and then the money is deducted with every item your child buys.  Same company provides the meal as in elementary school, only now there is a dedicated cafeteria (so I'm assuming that hot meals can be made on the premises

The Crazy Thoughts of Mine When I Wake Up In the Middle of the Night And Am Wide Awake.

It's around 3 in the morning here.  I woke up, aching in places that are not all mentionable.  I'd like to say that it's because of my intense walk yesterday, but that's not necessarily true.  I did walk outside yesterday for the first time in a long time, but I've been doing some intense indoor walking exercises and I also did an incredibly intense hike last Saturday (doing things that I never thought I could or would and probably shouldn't it).   My aches and pains could also be the result of the intense cleaning I did yesterday.  Thanksgiving, after all, is just a few days away.  My intention for this weekend was to clean the house, although my husband had started to do a great job earlier in the week. there are always those places that never really get clean.  You know the spots that you ignore until one day you see them and you just can't turn away from the piles of dust and dirt that exist. You hope that others don't notice, but you are afraid

It's Finished: The Pulitzer Project

I'm done.  My Pulitzer Project has concluded.  While I was unable to read EVERY piece of fiction that won the Pulitzer Prize, I did read as many as I could (or that could be found electronically).  It took not quite two years (and I did give myself a few breaks during the process) and I have to say I’m relieved that it's over.  I want to say that in my opinion, winning a Pulitzer, doesn't necessarily mean that the book is good.  I found there to be several "clunkers;" even though they may have been acclaimed. Here's how it breaks down: ·          1918:   His Family  by Ernest Poole:  Surprisingly good and relevant nearly 100 years later. ·          1919:   The Magnificent Ambersons  by Booth Tarkington:  It's not that the book was bad, I just hated the main character and just wished that he would die and the book would be over already! ·          1920:  no award given ·          1921:   The Age of Innocence  by Edith Wharton: Beautifully writt

I've Never Had...

Because of my food allergies there are a lot of things that I've never tried.  (Which could actually be a good thing for my ever expanding waist line.)  Since I'm allergic to eggs, it's rather obvious that I've never had an omelet (as a matter of fact I can't even spell it!  I had to type three different ways and check Google to make sure I finally it right), an egg salad sandwich or deviled eggs.  However, it also means that I've never had a donut (Homer Simpson would sob if he heard that one), a Milky Way (or a Snickers or Three Musketeers, to name but a few) or Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.  (Does that mean I'm barred from Vermont?) This delicious treat contains eggs, as do many other brands of ice cream.  My first taste of ice cream was Breyer's at the age of 10 or so as the all-natural chocolate flavor did not contain eggs.  Now there brands out there that also do not contain eggs, but may have flavors that do, such as Breyer's French Vanill