What I Learned From My Son's PARCC Report

...well I was tempted to leave this completely blank, but felt I should say something. 

What I learned...absolutely NOTHING that I didn't already know.

And here's what I know...

  • My son is for the most part average.  Sometimes slightly above, sometimes slightly below.  (Like when you go for bloodwork and your sugar level is supposed to be at >99 and you're at 101.)  This is who he is.  He is the median.  
  • My kid does not test well.  I didn't need the PARCC to tell me this.  I've seen it throughout all his years at school.  He knows stuff, but when it comes to taking tests he gets frazzled.  Every teacher he's had knows this and sees it.  As parents we know it and see it.  
  • This test was a waste of time.  It told me nothing. It did nothing for my child.  (Other than to stress him out.)  It did nothing for my son's teacher.  (Instead of administering this test which told me nothing that I didn't already know they could have been doing what they do best:  TEACH.)  The PARCC didn't tell me anything about his teacher's skills.  I already knew that they were competent and capable from meeting them.

Perhaps there is some point to the PARCC that I am not aware of.  But right now, from my view and seeing test "results" approximately 6 months after the test was taken, the PARCC has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Thanks for nothing PARCC.


  1. I agree. My kids do not take the test. It is a waste of their time. Refuse this year.


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