We Don't Care...

It's true.  In no uncertain terms, we don't care.  We may say we care, but they are just words.  I can say that I'm a 5'7" 110 pound 26 year old drop dead gorgeous model, but that doesn't make it so. Saying that we care doesn't prove that we do.  And clearly we don't.

If we truly cared, we would act.  Not just demand action and then complain lightly or say nothing when things did not change.  We would clamor for change; with our actions we would demand change.  But we don't care.

We are content to sit back and watch senseless violence.  We complain about it; we lament it, but we don't care.

We blame and point fingers.  The mass killings are the result of terrorism.  The shootings are the result of right wing nut jobs.  This wouldn't happen if the President did something.  This is all the fault of the NRA.  This wouldn't happen if we had better background checks.  This wouldn't happen if everyone had guns.

We're great with words, but we lousy with action.  We're complacent. We just don't seem to care.

Perhaps IF we care and IF we acted there would be less violence.  I say IF because there are no guarantees.

But it IS time to act.  It IS time to try something new. Maybe restrictions will work; maybe they won't. But we need to TRY.  Maybe background checks and longer waiting periods will work; maybe they won't.  But we need to TRY.  And if something doesn't work, we need to try something new.

It's time to stop talking.  The madness doesn't end just because we say it's got to end.  It ends when we stand behind our words.   It's time to stop saying "this is enough."  It's time to stop complaining about the constant violence that is going on in our world.  It's time to BE caring.


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