Dear Santa

...I believe and thank you.

(This blog post is for one very special person, you know who you are.  As a Nancy Drew aficionado, I *think* I know who you are, but in the spirit of your giving heart, I will say no more other than Thank You.  And I will do my best, as will my family, to follow your example today and every day.)

Santa made a special delivery to my house this week.  It was a little early, but even Santa knows that you can't always count on the USPS.

It was a very special and generous gift.  It was unexpected and made us realize how blessed we are.

So I hereby attest right here and now that Santa is very much alive and well.  He doesn't always come in the guise of a jolly old elf.  He may not even be a he.  But Santa exists.  He exists and is still spreading good will to all who will let the spirit of the holiday in their heart.  

Santa reminds me, and us all, that we should all embody his spirit.  That we can all be like him.  It doesn't have to be Christmas.  To give a gift that is sorely needed and not necessarily a gift that is wrapped with a red bow on top.  We have the opportunity to give every day.  To give a smile.  To give a hug. To lend an ear.  To encourage.  To help.  To just be there when we are needed.

At this Christmas time, we can all be Santa.  We can carry his spirit with him on December 25th and all through the year.  

Thank you again Santa.  Not only for the physical gift, but for the gift of your love and caring.  I will carry your kindness with me throughout the year.  Blessings to you, your family and all your "elves" who helped you this year.  (Even a mastermind like you needs helper elves.)

Merry Christmas!


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