A Light In the Darkness

We are quickly closing in on the "shortest day" of the year. (At least here in the Northern Hemisphere where the daylight fades quickly.)  Many of us wake up in the dark (or try to) and find that we head home from work in the dark.  Is it any wonder why people tend to get depressed with all of the darkness?

But there is a light in the darkness.  Look around and see the lights and decorations.  You don't have to be Christian to enjoy "Christmas Lights".  (I'm not Jewish, but I love to watch the candles the menorah.  As each day of the Hanukkah holiday adds new light, it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.)  

This year it seems to be that there are more lights than ever.  It might have something to do with the "As Seen on TV" Star Shower Light Projector which seems to be a relatively easy way to light up a house/yard.  (I say seems because I haven't used the product and even if I wanted to I couldn't as it appears that everyone is sold out of it.)  Or maybe it has something to do with energy prices being slightly lower this year. (Which gives me even more incentive to drive around my neighborhood and enjoy all the decorations. Gas under $2 a gallon?  Let's go for a drive!)

What better way to lift the holiday blues (or pre or post-holiday blues) than do go for a drive and enjoy the lights?  (It's been so warm here in the Northeast you could even comfortably walk around the neighbor in the evening and enjoy without the fear of slipping on ice.)  

It's a great family tradition for the three of us to get in the car, put the holiday tunes on and drive around town, as well as surrounding towns, to see all the lights.  We critique.  We praise.  Sometimes we mock.  But we always have fun.  (Free fun!)

But I enjoy the lights on my own as well.  The drive home from work, while usually more traffic laden during the last month of the year, is more enjoyable as I see the decorations go up.  (One ostentatious home was overdone before we had even Thanksgiving.)  When I feel stress sitting in traffic, I remind myself to take a look around.  How can I not smile with lights twinkling?

Do yourself a favor.  Take some time before the New Year to take in the holiday lights.  Walk or drive and check out the inflatable snowmen, the wooden reindeer, the giant nativity scene and the candy canes.  Immerse yourself in the light that shines out of the darkness.  Enjoy!  (And know that after Monday, the days will start to get a little bit longer once again!)


  1. Just a note on the star showers, we have two and while they are super cool they are very poorly made, one is already kind of broken. Hopefully next year there will be some better ones to buy. Hoping to take a "lights" drive with Lord Tom and Lady Beth right after Christmas!


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