SOMWaD: All I Want for Christmas is Underwear

I'm a realistic woman.  There will be no "bling" under the Christmas tree for me.  (Do I really need it?  We definitely can't afford it.)  Santa is not going to bring me the winning lottery ticket.  (Though I will continue to hope and play.)  I don't need any more "foo" (translation:  good smelling stuff that we ladies love like lotions, bath oils, etc.) and I overloaded on candles at the outlet back in November.  Clothes are always nice, but my (small) closet is pretty full and I have an eclectic taste that few seem get.  Gift cards are good and I wouldn't turn any down (my Secret Santa was kind enough to provide one for Macy's), but what I really want and need is new underwear.

It may seem sad and pathetic, but I really do want underwear for Christmas.  I'm a mom; a middle aged (oh, how it hurts to say that) working mom so what I'm looking for is not from a Victoria's Secret catalog, but from Fruit of the Loom or Hanes.  No exotic materials or colors for me.  Just some plain whites.  (Although I wouldn't turn down some nice pastels.)  Something with no holes.  (I know I'm a religious woman, but I don't need holy undies.)  Something comfortable that I can wear under a dress AND under sweats.  Something that is forgiving when I gain a pound or two that will bounce back when I lose a pound or two.  (I'm still a bit of a dreamer.)  And if someone decides to gift me with a matched set of bra and panties, I have just one thing to say:  NO underwire.  I like support, but not torture.

Could I buy these things for myself?  Sure...and it would probably be a better idea if I did it myself.  (I’m not confessing sizes publically...just like I won't confess weight or age!).  But somehow I never get around to it.  (My husband is always buying himself new underwear and I have no choice but to continually buy it for my son as he grows taller by the second.)  Every time I pull my (somewhat dingy), worn and torn undergarments out of the dryer, I tell myself I must get to Target or Kmart and "treat" myself.  Yet I never seem to get around to it. (I think it’s all part of being a SOMWaD.)

So if there is a present under the tree this year for me, here's hoping it comfortable white cotton.


  1. Somehow I missed this post! Sorry. I would have told Mrs. Santa to send you underwear. She always handles that in our family. I totally get it. White, cotton panties and NO underwires.


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