Here's to the Elf on the Shelf

There are really no shades of gray on this one.  Either you LOVE the elf or you HATE him.  Elves tend to generate very strong feelings in people.

As for me, I LOVE Ralph!

But to be honest, Ralph isn't out there to keep an eye on my son.  Ralph is out there to keep things light for the holiday season.  In the past, he's been a good elf (for the most part), this year he's been a lot more mischievous and that's been bringing more laughs to my family which is sorely needed.  

The weeks and days that lead up to Christmas are usually drama filled for my family.  The excitement can get to be just too much for kids and that results in tantrums and melt downs.  Now maybe it's because my son is older or because there's been so much school drama this year or maybe it has to do with a certain elf that has been making us all laugh, but thus far this holiday season has been less tear filled.  (Most of the melt downs have been from me as I try to keep my head together with the chaos of work, school, church...)

So Ralph is making us laugh this season, as he hangs off the living room ceiling fan or buries himself in a box of Frankenberry (which probably should have been throw away weeks ago).  Maybe that wasn't the original intent of the Elf on the Shelf, but if it's making our family feel good and laugh, well then in my book he's gone above and beyond his "duties."

I see other friends have elves that are just as naughty.  That make me laugh too.  I love to see the shenanigans.  I, and my family, need the laughs.  So if other people are sharing their naughty elves on social media, I say give me more.  Go on, make me laugh.  Lighten up my day.

Yes, Ralph can sometimes be a pain in the you know what, but overall he's given us more laughs and more to talk about this season than ever before.  He's helped to keep us silly this season.  (As if we needed help.)  He's made us all laugh.  And laughter is something that is always sorely needed.

So here's to Ralph!  For this year and then many years to come.  (I bet as my son gets older that Ralph will continue to visit and probably get even more outrageous.)  Bringing smiles and laughter to my family is the greatest gift any elf could give.


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