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I've let it happen again.  It's 10 days to Christmas and I am so frantic that I don't know which way I am going.  Every year I vow that I am going to let the spirit of the season envelope me and NOT stress out.  And every year I seem to fail.  (I've got so much circling in my brain right now that I'm wondering if I've written about this before.  I truly AM blogged down.)

It's not the shopping.  That's done since I have a small family.  Or so I think.  In the back of my mind, I keep wondering...did I forget someone?

It's not the cards.  I've sent them all out.  Or have I?  Did I forget someone?  (Even worse did I send two to the same person because I forgot that I sent one?)

It's not the decorating.  That's done too.  Of course I still could use some greens in my planter outdoors and three of my candy cane lights have gone out.

I haven't found time to bake.  I WILL do that this weekend.  I've got to make sure I have all the ingredients on this week's shopping list.  (You can never have enough butter either.)  Have I written down everything I'll need for Christmas Day's meal?

There's so much running around that has to be done.  For example, last night was the middle school holiday concert, which is held at the high school (since the high school auditorium is larger).  The concert started at 7, but my son needed to be there at 6.  So it was get home from work, do a few quick things and then rush my son off to the high school.  Then back home, pay a few bills, shove food in my mouth and call it "dinner" and then head back to the high school with hubby in tow.  All was well and good when we got into the car, but after driving a block or so it suddenly started to pour.  Being prepared, I did have the trunk.  My husband was good enough to get them out once I found a parking space in the lot which was 90% full when we got there 25 minutes before the concert was to begin.  The umbrellas didn't do that much good with the wind and that's when I found out I had a hole in my sneaker.  Inside the auditorium was overflowing with not a seat to be had. (Which is a good thing for the district's music program, but bad for all the people that were squeezed in.  The words "Fire hazard" immediately come to mind.)  Since it IS December the heat was on.  However yesterday was tied for the warmest December 14th on record and with all of those bodies packed into one little space it was unbearable, even for me!  (Just for the record, I am ALWAYS cold.)  The kids were great, but I was glad when it was over. (I watched my son as he melted away during the chorus section of the evening; once we got to the instrumental portion I couldn't see a thing.)  

We left as soon as my son's portion was done.  The crowds trying to get out (who had younger kids in the first section of the show) versus the crowds trying to get in (who had older kids in the second portion) made for chaos.  (Joyful chaos, but chaos nonetheless).  We managed to find my son.  (God bless the teachers who "watch" the kids while they are not onstage.  Must be tons of fun after a full day of teaching.)  It was back out in the pouring rain, with umbrellas that were no help at all and the parking lot was now full of water which made my sneakers all the more soggier.  (I was thankful that it was so warm out...soggy shoes are bad, but COLD soggy shoes are worse.)  

I fought my way out of the parking lot, got everyone out of their wet clothes, started a load of laundry, paid more bills, reminded my son that he still had to do his daily reading (20 minutes and it was already close to 9 at night), AND managed to make sure that our elf, Ralph, found a new place to hang out for the next day.  (Yes, I am still doing that.  It is a blessing and a curse!)

Everyone was in bed by 10, but my mind was still racing.  Another event many more to go?  Well there is the light show at the local zoo which I promised to take my son to, but haven't done yet.  There are two more choir rehearsals for me (but the Christmas Cantata is over and done), and one more choir rehearsal for my son.  (This should not be confused with school chorus rehearsals, of which there are still two more before the holiday break.)  There is a math quiz on Monday, which was supposed to be on Friday. (Which meant I had to contact his tutor and see if she could come back again to review.)  And then there are the actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans that I need to wrap up.

So where did I find time to write this blog?  I'm not sure!  I enjoy blogging/writing just for the sake of it, but somehow I felt pressured to write.  Have I blogged enough for the month?  For the year?  Why am I doing this to myself?  This is supposed to be fun!

Maybe that's what I should be telling myself more often.  This is life.  We all get "blogged down" some times. But it's supposed to be fun.  (Maybe not all of the time, but hopefully most of the time.)

The holiday is almost upon me.  Time to remember the fun.  Time to laugh when it gets too much.  Time to let go when it gets too much.  And time to appreciate the craziness.  For if I wasn't "blogged down" my life would certainly be much less interesting.  I don't want a boring life.  I'll take the craziness, and I'll even try to appreciate it.


  1. Yikes, you do have a lot going on. I have a good bit but no kids to shuffle around thankfully! I just sat down last night and made a master to-do list between now and the 28th and also a 2 week menu plan just so I didn't feel so overwhelmed. Somehow writing everything down makes me feel better and not worse, at least I know as of now I'm not forgetting anything!! Hugs!


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