White stuff again?

Last Monday night/Tuesday (February 27-28th) brought the first real snowfall to our area.  Last night and into early this morning, more snow fell again.  It was barely measurable (I'm guessing less than .25 of an inch) and is melting away as I write this, but what is going on here?

 Before last week's "snow storm" (was it really a storm?), crocuses were coming up on my neighbor's lawn.  The snow covered them, but once it melted (only took a day or so), they were still there. Over the weekend I noticed a few green sprouts poking up in the front of our yard.  I believe they will be daffodils.  (One of my favorite flowers.)  Yesterday, Lawn Doctor came to fertilize our front yard, which prompted me to email the company that does our spring and fall clean up (as well as weekly mowing) to make sure a service contract for the current year was in the works.  (It is.)  Today my front lawn was covered in snow.  Again, not a lot, but...

 I'm not complaining.  (Well, not much.)  After all California has gotten several FEET of snow over the past few weeks.  So much so that power has been out for over a week in some places.  We all know it never rains in Southern California (or at least that's what Albert Hammond told us in the 1972 song), but apparently now it snows!  (And snows...and snows...)  This is a real problem.

 It makes me wonder what is next.  Will we get snow in April/May?  (We did get a brief squall in May of 2020...something that I will never forget.)  What about June?  (Yes, I am thinking of my son's graduation.)  Will September be the new July?  Or will October be the new December?  

Our climate IS changing.  We've passed the point where we can hide our heads in the sand about that.  We need a plan. We need change.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have any answers.  However, I am willing to listen.  I'm willing to take advice from professionals in the field.  I'm willing to act.  Because while I may have limited time left on this planet, I want it to survive (and dare I saw thrive) for future generations.  Do you?


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