March: Fingers Crossed...

 ...we're off to a good start and I'm hoping this is a good omen of things to come.

So far March is going well.  (Yes, we're only hours into it.)  Why do I say that?  Consider all of the good stuff that has happened to me thus far this month (meaning today):

  • Woke up PRIOR to the alarm and actually got up and moving.  (I'll admit that I've been lazy since December.)
  • Got a load of laundry done (washed, dried and 1/2 put away before I had to leave the house.)
  • Son got up without too much of a fuss (this is the one day of the week where he can "sleep in" meaning that he doesn't have to be at school by 7:15) and drove me to the bus stop.  (With the recent snow walking would not have been fun.  It was pretty cold earlier this morning and not everyone did a as great a job as we did in the shoveling department.  Reminder, if you live on a corner, don't forget to do a cut out so that pedestrians can cross the street.  I KNOW it's a pain in the neck, but climbing over it is worse. Think of the little kids who walk to school...and trust me there are plenty of little and BIG kids who walk to school.)
  • Wore my new LL Bean duck boots (which even though I half sized down still seem pretty large) and hiking socks which kept my feet warm as I waited for the bus.
  • The bus came early!  (Kind of; I usually figure you have to give 5 minutes on either side of the approximate arrival time.)
  • Traffic wasn't too bad so that the bus pulled into Penn Station pretty close to the time when it is supposed to arrive (but never does).
  • Placed my Dunkin coffee order once I got off the bus (had it all ready to go, just had to hit the "place order" button) and it was waiting for me when I walked in.  (I LOVE using the app for this.  The timing is perfect at this location near my office.  [wish I could say the same for the one that is close to my home, but...]  Love the convenience of this and if I have to travel to the office once a week having a specially made coffee waiting for me is a highlight of the day.)
  • Co-worker created a spreadsheet that clearly explains how a problem (which I have been dealing with since October) can be rectified.  The solution isn't necessarily easy, but at least it's clear, which for me is a BIG win.  I love spreadsheets that make a problem away!
  • Temperatures are going up so the snow that we had should melt.  As a matter of fact, it might be warm enough tomorrow (if the sun shines) for me to sit outside for a few minutes.  (You KNOW how much I love this.)
  • My son's final high school musical (Hello Dolly!) opens tomorrow night.  He's done every show since his freshman year and this is it.  I'm unreasonably excited about this.  The show and role (he plays Horace) are a perfect fit for him.  (He provided his costume from his wardrobe...and yes that includes the tuxedo, top hat and pince-nez.)  Many of the students involved I have known since his elementary school days and to see them performing for one last time...Yes, I'm going to be a mess by the final show.  But a good mess.  The show was also one of my mother's favorites.  She saw the original on Broadway with Carol Channing, so in some ways I'll feel like she is watching too.
  • As always, I am helping out of the concessions at the show, which is why I chose to take a half day on Friday.  Plus I am taking a half day on Monday so that I can finally see an ENT about the tinnitus in my right ear AND then go to the dentist for a cleaning.  (I'm not excited about that.)
  • Finally, Spring is just 19 days away.  We get more daylight as of March 12th so maybe outdoor walks are back on the table.  Warmer days and more sun always make me feel better.
So here's hoping that March continues to be the month that it's starting out to be.  Full of hope and promise...warmth and walks...I need it.  Don't we all?


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