It's the First Day of Spring

 ...well actually not.  Winter is still here until 5:24 tonight.  This morning it certainly feels like winter with temperatures in the 20s!  However, hopefully by the end of the day it will be in the 50s. (Cross those fingers and toes.)

Even if it doesn't FEEL like spring yet, the signs are everywhere.  The robins are out.  (While plenty of people reported seeing them as early as January this year; I did not spy one hopping around on my lawn until this month.)  Flowers are attempting to sprout up.  (I was lucky enough to see this on Saturday, but that was in south NJ, so...)

My husband has taken the flannel sheets off the bed, although with the flannel blanket.  (Despite the fact that it was really cold yesterday.  And nowhere was it more obvious than at church where the furnace had decided to give up the ghost [or perhaps I should say spirit?] and everyone wore their coats during the service.  No choir robes for us; but puffy down jackets and gloves.)

For many college students it is time for spring break.  The high school doesn't break until April, but my son and many of his friends will experience a "pseudo" spring break as they head to Walt Disney World on Wednesday. (The bus leaves the high school for the airport at 3:30 AM supposedly...I'm sure this will make for a fun office day for me.)  If you happen to be in the Orlando area this week, be sure to check out the Waterside Stage in Disney Springs on Thursday around 4:30 (PM!) where my son and the rest of the choir will be singing or check out the band on Friday as it marches through the Magic Kingdom.  (I have fond memories of doing just that back in the 1980s; BEFORE there was an Epcot!).  When they leave it will be in the 30s, but they should get to enjoy 80 degree sunshine for most of the week.  (Of which I am extremely jealous.)  I hope my son is wise enough to use sunscreen (that he hopefully packed).

But the true sign of spring is this:

That's right, it's the season of replacing the utility poles.  (I would have called it a telephone pole because that's what I grew up knowing it as, but that's so last century.)  A few weeks ago (March 1st to be exact) while I was at the office, this happened:

(You can tell it was March 1st because there is snow on the ground and we didn't get our first measurable snow until February 28th.  Of course that's barely measurable, but...)

The two poles have resided side by side since then.  The old one with all the power lines on it and the newer, BIGGER one (because bigger is always better, right?) just sat there.  Until today...

Two trucks pulled in and sat there.  (I don't know how long.  More than ten minutes, but less than an hour.)  Eventually someone came to my door and asked me if I owned the car parked in front of the house.  I did and I moved it, once I got the promise that we wouldn't lose power.  (So far...I'm not going to say the rest.)  And then they got to work.

I am ASSUMING (I know this is the wrong thing to do) that the rest of the "old" pole down today.  (As I write this they are taking a break.)  While there is a transformer on the "new" pole, the "old" still has wires attached to it.  And thus far, no power issues.  (Fingers crossed.)

So welcome SPRING!  Here's to chirping birds, sprouting plants and new utility poles!


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