Time: Marching On

 Can it really be one week since my son's last musical at the high school?  It was an exhausting weekend (which started on a Thursday), not so long ago, yet it seems far away.  As we (a family) have entered the last semester of his high school years, everything seems to be speeding up.  Musical over and music trip just around the corner.  And memories of past adventures come rushing in.

As things wrap up, I'm pulled back to the beginning.  How everything SEEMED to be going so well his freshman year.   He'd been in the fall production.  He'd made new friends; upperclassman friends with driver's licenses.  (I'll never forget my husband calling me at work, because back then I worked in an office every weekday, to tell me that some girl in white convertible had driven our son home after the first rehearsal.  That was one for the books!)  How the group went out after the first show and I, against my better judgement, let him go, knowing full well that he wouldn't get home until after 11 and he had a history test the next day.  (Which to my surprise he did well on!)  How a group of students from the choir went caroling up and down the avenue, stopping in at several restaurants and businesses to sing.  His first New Year's Eve Party, thrown by a senior.  A choir trip to the Empire State Building in January 2020 where they sang and explored.  (How grateful am I to one of the moms who chaperoned and took photos?)  

His first musical:  it was a warm March.  It was way too early for a spring musical, but then the spring music trip to Cleveland was coming up the next week.  Working the concession stand and ticket counter.  Handling all that money.  Getting a hug from one of my favorite (former) teachers and friend.  Her asking if it was okay to hug.  How could we not?  Forget the news...hug and see the show.  And what a show it was.  My son was in the ensemble, but he shined.  They all did.  Everyone came away feeling good.  There was a great cast party. And then...

Preparing for the spring trip and the plug suddenly getting pulled two days before hand.  The world coming to a screeching halt as Covid became part of our daily vocabulary.  Those months of schooling and working from home.  How did we do it?  Those months with stress and strife, I have started to block out of my memory.

And time marches on...

His second musical:  May of 2021.  The group had worked so hard, OUTSIDE and masked.  Getting a local outdoor venue to rent for 3 nights.  (Not an easy thing.)  The group was not able to work on the stage until three days before the show.  They put on an original retrospective with a masked band outdoors.  How could it be so cold in May?  (Had we all forgotten that we had SNOW in May 2020?  That was a fluke right?)  The audience bringing their lawn chairs and wearing winter coats.  (They weren't enough).  The performers giving it their all for three nights.  (How those girls in skimpy dresses managed to make it through, I'll never know.)  Being amused by my son as he and a freshman (what an introduction to the world of high school musicals!) sang and danced "Guys and Dolls."  Being amazed as he channeled (without evening knowing it) Andre DeShields in "Wait for Me" from "Hadestown."  Three cold nights; performing while Canadian geese honked and airplanes flew over.  Thankfully no rain or snow...just frigidity.  A definite learning experience.

And time marches on...

His third musical and the group was back in the high school.  The masks were off by the spring show, but rehearsals had their ups and downs with Covid issues. (That was the Christmas that nearly every kid in the music program got Covid.)  The show was "Footloose" which I will admit was not my (or my son's) favorite.  The book is weak (in my opinion), but the music and dance was joyous.  The audience walked out feeling good and we all needed that.

And time marches on...

His fourth and final musical...how did it happen so fast?  "Hello Dolly" is such a classic show.  While I may be (extremely) biased, the role of Horace Vandergelder, was perfect for my son.  With an incredibly talented cast and crew, it was incredible! (Because it's more than what is going on ONSTAGE...without all the behind the scenes people a show is just okay.  With talented and dedicated people BEHIND the production it becomes amazing!)  Three of the leads (my son included) I have known since they were together in kindergarten.  I can remember them learning to read.  I see their faces as they marched in the elementary school Halloween parade and as they "competed" in the school's spring field day.  They have evolved from cute little ones into beautiful/handsome, talented and caring young adults.

And time marches on...

The spring music trip is less than 2 weeks away.  There are AP exams, internships, prom (?) and graduation all in the immediate future.

And time marches on...

Do I have time to catch my breath before he goes away to college?  What will happen when I blink?

And time marches on.


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