Things that I Remember from 24 Years Ago Today: September 13

 I thought my husband, my son and I would be away this weekend.  Back in January I thought we might travel to Canada this weekend or maybe Key West.  Well, obviously that didn't happen.  I thought maybe we would do a closer get away, but that didn't happen.  So here I am in front of a computer instead and thinking about 24 years ago.  And it's kind of funny/interesting what still stands out in my mind:

  • Wearing hot sticks in my hair for hours (even after they had gone cold).  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, 1990s was that?  I don't have them anymore.  Maybe I should?
  • Wearing a crappy t shirt and shorts during the day.  I distinctly remember the t shirt being large and yellow
  • Picking up my maid of honor at the Bay Head train station.  She had a new car and would not drive down to the shore.
  • My dad who had broken apart cardboard boxes and used the piece to make signs that he would place along the highway to direct people to the wedding location.  (This was WAY before Waze).  There might have been balloons involved as well.
  • The day being rainy and then sunny and then rainy and then sunny.
  • After getting dressed, having photos taken prior to the wedding outside and it being so bright.  Squinting into the sun as the photographer took pictures.
  • My Great Uncle Harold assuring me that the sun would shine that day.  He was such a blessing; representing grandparents who could not be there.
  • Hearing about the terrible rainstorm up in northern Jersey and terrible traffic on the parkway.
  • Not wanting to leave the house and head to the venue until everyone (like the DJ) had arrived, even though I insisted that I would not be a late bride!
  • Pulling up into the parking lot of the Normandy Beach Yacht Club, where my father again had a made a special sign designating the spot (which was right by the door) for the bride.
  • Seeing the church organist, Charlotte, quickly setting up her keyboard to play for us as the DJ had just arrived (caught on the GSP in bumper to bumper, he'd gotten out of his car when he saw a news copter overhead in the hopes that we would see him and know that he was trying to get there.)
  • The sun being out and starting to go down over the bay during the service
  • My feet really hurting. (And yes, I had worn the shoes before)
  • Not knowing what hand to offer my husband to put the ring on my finger.  (I'd moved my engagement ring and I was definitely befuddled!)
  • Walking back down the "aisle" and going around the corner and seeing friends who had just arrived!
  • Taking off my shoes for the receiving line and never putting them back on again!
  • Greeting so many people; and as we did, the caterer transforming the ceremony space into outdoor seating.
  • Dancing.  Dancing a lot!  Dancing with my new husband ("Love Will Keep Us Alive" by the Eagles); with my dad ("Love of My Life" by Carly Simon); my brother and my Uncle Jim.  There was so much dancing...YMCA, the Macarena (it was 1996!).

  • Maybe getting one bite of food to eat.  We were just too busy to sit down.  Did I have a drink?  I must have because I remember the best man gave a quick toast.
  • The party not ending; even when it was supposed to
  • Getting my stuff from my parents’ house (I don't remember how Steve & I got there at the end of the night) and putting on sneakers to drive to the hotel (The Grenville) in my Pontiac Sunbird Convertible.  Going around the block to try and find a parking space.
  • Walking into the hotel (Steve had previously checked in prior to the service...and the wonderful story he has about meeting my cousin, Lee, upon pulling up.)  Going up all the stairs to the room.  Being so tired and achy.
  • Getting out of the dress and the corset with the help of Steve and it taking FOREVER.  
  • Everything aching...especially my feet. (And I didn't wear any shoes from the time we finished walking down the aisle.  My white stockings were pretty black on the bottom.)
  • The cool walk in shower in the bathroom.  And we both so needed showers.
  • Steve and I lying on the bed being exhausted and in pain and having no aspirin or Tylenol or even better Tylenol PM.  Wondering if we should get up and try to find a pharmacy to get some, but being too tired.  And still not sleeping...both of us drifting off and then waking up again and talking through the night.  Until finally getting up pretty early the next morning (around 7).

Those are my memories...some of them may be skewed...but they are still there.  (Aided somewhat by photos and video:  thank you to all who took them, especially my cousin Lee who stepped in and videoed the whole thing.)  Twenty four years later, I am grateful for every single one.


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