Sunny Tuesday

It was a sunny Tuesday morning

It was a sunny Tuesday morning seemingly everywhere

There must have been a black cloud in some part of the country

There must have been a place where the skies were dark and gray and ominous

But it was a sunny day

Sky so blue

A few puffy white clouds

Sun shining so bright

Warm, but not hot

So perfect

Somewhere it must have been not so perfect

But in my mind it was always perfect 

There had been rainy days before

There would be clouds later

There would be rainy days after and a tropical storm

But that Tuesday morning was sunny

Full of anticipation

On vacation, excited to start the day

It was a special day

Raising the flag on the top of the resort; an honor

Then a wild breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Cafe

Where there would be laughter and fun

Before taking a boat ride to the park

It was such a beautiful day

Until it wasn't

Until it was incomprehensible





Yet reality

Unreal reality

Nearly two decades later

Still incomprehensible



Horrible reality

Dark day in history

That will forever be remembered

It was such a beautiful morning


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