A Change of Heart?

 From me?  Maybe...or maybe it's a change of personnel.  Let me explain.

Over the years I've done more than my share of complaining about the postal service:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2018/12/where-do-i-live-us-postal-service-story.html, https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2019/08/please-mr-postman.html and there's lots more than that...just go digging.

I know this pandemic has put a real strain on the postal service.  I know the postal service is working harder than ever and more people are getting packages.  I've actually lowered the bar in my mind.

Which is why I have to sing the praises of my new mail carrier.  He has given me faith in the postal service again.

I don't know his name, but it's time I learned because I'm putting him in the category with:  Robert, Diane and Roomba (three extraordinary mail carriers who were on my route years ago).  I still miss those three people, but this young man (and I call him young because I am OLD) is doing a great job. (It doesn't hurt that he looks a little bit like a scruff Prince Harry.)   He doesn't wear a uniform (I've noticed that many carriers don't.  Maybe it's because of Covid?), but he does carry his bag and comes pretty much at the same time every afternoon.

When I know he's coming (I can hear him across the street), I will come downstairs to get the mail.  I will greet him and tell him to be safe.  He will thank me, BY NAME!  As in, he KNOWS who he is delivering the mail to.  Now, that may seem like a simple and easy thing.  It kind of is.  But the fact that he took the time the other day to respond back with a "Thank You Ms. Shorten" spoke volumes to me.  And just yesterday when said hello he specifically said, "No packages for you or Mr. S today," as he continued on his way.

He's polite! He delivers my mail.  (Although these days it's mostly junk and I'm still not getting the circulars regularly.)   Let me say that again:  he delivers MY mail.  (As in the mail is actually addressed to me and not to my neighbor or some guy on another street.)  He's everything I want in a mail carrier.  And I'll sing his praises.  But not to the post office...because I've learned from Robert, Diane and Roomba that if you sing their praises because they are doing a good job, well, they will soon be moving on.  And I don't want him to move on.  I like him and I want him to stay put.

Can you blame me?


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