Proud to Be a Loser; Happy to Be a Sucker

 I try not to be one to toot my own horn (which is one of the things that makes me a loser), but I am proudly saying today that I am a loser.  I'm not talking Weight Watchers loser (that would be nice, but...).  I'm talking loser loser.

I can proudly say that I come from a long line of losers.  My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  My relatives served in the military.  I so love these losers that I named my son after one of them.  (Guess that makes my son a loser too.)  I don't like to talk about politics (does anyone these days?), but I admire some losers who were/are Republicans and Democrats (you could probably thrown in some Whigs and Federalists in there too). 

I am a loser because I don't have much money.  I have enough to get by (for the most part), survive and sometimes even thrive.  But I don't have trillions or even billions.  (Is millions even worth mentioning?)  I write this blog but don't have thousands of readers (or even hundreds).  I'm a loser because I'm okay with that.  I don't have hundreds of friends.  (Plus most of my friends are losers like myself, although I don't know if they are aware of it and I can't say if they are proud of it like I am.) I don't trend on Instagram.  I'm not re-tweeted.  I barely know what Tik Tok is.  I have no celebrity "friends" or even acquaintances.  (Do I?)  I am average.  I am ordinary.  I am a loser and proud of it.

I'm happy to be a sucker.  Being a sucker often brings me joy.  (I won't lie and say it ALWAYS brings me joy because it doesn't.  I may be a loser and a sucker, but I try NOT to be a liar.) Part of being a sucker is not bragging about the fact, but I'm making an exception here (or at least partially) to tell you some of the sucker things I regularly do (and have done.)

This sucker is a walker.  Furthermore, when I walk I greet everyone I meet.  No matter what time of day (or night it is) I offer a hello or a wave.  Even if they don't give me a greeting back.  If I am in a situation where I am not wearing a mask (yes, this sucker follow guidelines and wears a mask just like Elmo and Dr. Fauci), I smile.  And I don't expect anything in return.  Sucker!

I donate to my local food bank.  I donate pretty regularly.  I give items I could use myself and not just food.  Furthermore, I have donated money to charitable organizations.  I get nothing tangible in return. (Well sometimes they send me stickers.)What a sucker.

I have filled the pulpit in my church several times. (I'm not vain enough to say that I preach.)  I haven't asked for payment nor have they offered.  I'm giving away my "service" for free.  I would do so and have done so for other organizations that I believe in.  I "work" in a church thrift shop; I've worked in a food pantry kitchen.  I get no monetary compensation.  I am a complete and total sucker.

What I am is happy.  Not all the time, but mostly being a "sucker" makes me happy.  I feel good.  I enjoy what I am doing even though there is no financial gain.  (And we can all use financial game.)

You can call me a loser or a sucker.  I really don't care.  You can call my friends and relatives losers and suckers; I don't know how they feel about it, but I don't care and I love them no matter what someone else might "brand" them.

Loser.  Sucker.  This is me.  And while I would like to change some things in my life, I don't and I won't change who I really am.  Call me what you will.  I am me; and I am proud of that and happy for it.


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