It's The Middle of The Night: The Continuing Saga of the A/C Unit


I lied. Remember how I said the third time is the charm for the Frigidaire A/C unit?  I lied.

Well maybe not exactly.  The 3rd unit works as advertised.  It has the Wi-Fi setting.  If you ask Alexa to turn on the unit; she does.  And the unit is incredibly quiet.  Amazingly quiet.  I almost couldn't tell that the unit was on.  Yes, that's how amazingly quiet it is.

And then...

You knew there had to be an "and then" moment right?

It makes this noise.  In the middle of all the quiet the sound starts.  The room is cool and the compressor is on and all is quiet, but then...(this is where the Jaws  soundtrack should come in.) It starts off  like a bike is coming down the road with a playing card in its spokes.  I hope someone is out there that actually remembers doing this and/or remembers the nose it makes.  It's a clicking sound.

It starts out kind of soft.  Just barely noticeable.  And then it gets louder.  The compressor shuts off and then it gets REALLY loud.  I think it's louder than the noise of a "regular" a/c unit when it turns on.  This clicking reverberates throughout the room...getting louder and louder until it starts to get softer and eventually go away.

It's a cycle.  Yes, I've actually sat on the bed and timed this out.  The compressor turns on.  About 4 minutes in the noise starts.  About a minute ( maybe more, maybe less) after the clicking starts the compressor turns off.  And that's when the clicking gets really loud and lasts for about another minute and thirty seconds.  (Give or take.)  It's a LONG minute and change when it's loud.  Then we get blessed quiet.  For about 8 - 10 minutes as the fan in the unit keeps the room cool.  Then the compressor turns on and the whole thing starts over again.

But here's the thing; it doesn't start immediately.  I turn on the unit at night and all is right with the world.  The room cools.  The unit is quiet and I can rest and relax. The whole clicking cycle doesn't start up until about 2 or more hours after the unit has been turned on and running.  Plenty of time for someone to fall asleep only to be woken up to this craziness.

How crazy is all this noise?  Take a listen:

(Edited:  Ok, this didn't record the way I wanted to at all.  That's what happens when you're sitting on your bed trying to record what gears up to sound like a toy prop plane flying through your room at one in the morning.  Guess you'll just have to trust me on this one)

I apologize for taking up 3 minutes of your time...and I apologize if for some reason this doesn't work.  You have to understand that I'm writing this after being woken up by this loud "clicking" two hours ago and haven't been able to get back to sleep yet.  I've been trying to research on line what this noise might be but I haven't been able to find anything yet. And the fact is that nothing seems to make sense.

The noise comes and goes.  It doesn't start right away.  It's almost like when the compressor gets the warmest (and the room gets the coolest) is when whatever this is starts going.  When the compressor cools down (turns off) it stops again.

Does this make sense to anyone?  And if by some miracle it does; is there an answer?  Because this is driving me (and my husband) bats.  Going bats in the middle of the night is not a good thing.   Sleep; that is what would be a good thing and I'm not sure if I'm going to get any tonight.

So to try and be semi-coherent:  what the hell is wrong with Frigidaire and how do I get a good night's sleep with a window until that is blissfully quiet until it isn't?


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