Early Autumn Observations

 Autumn officially arrives today.  With that said, the last days of summer were unexpectedly (at least to me) FRIGID!  While I have turned on the heat in my house before the official beginning of summer previously, I don't recall having the heat automatically kick in because the temperature in the house dipped below 60.  (Which is where I set the thermostat once it gets warm.  The heat is never "off" but it's never going to come on because the house is warm.)  I also don't recall frost warnings before autumn officially begins!  

I was an observer at a wedding in the park this past weekend.  (Nutshell:  my late brother's best friend got married.  I wasn't invited, but his mom intimated that she'd like me there.  So I went as a "representative" and just hung around the periphery taking some low quality photos...more on why later.) I timed my walk earlier in the morning and I was COLD.  When I arrived (before 4) it was warm. There were at least 3 other weddings going on at the same time at various areas in the park.  It took a few minutes to find the "right" wedding party.  As with all weddings (even NOT during a pandemic), there were a few delays so by the time the wedding got underway, I was cold again!  (The bride was in a beautiful dress that was sleeveless; I hope love CAN keep you warm.)  I was glad to have the walk home so that I could warm up again when it was over.  (Other note:  when you are in the park you are supposed to wear a face covering.  There are signs everywhere saying this.  Everyone in the wedding party complied, only removing their masks to say the vows and kiss.  I can't say the same for the majority of people who passed by.  When are we going to learn that when a sign says facial covering required it means it is REQUIRED!)

Of course this all falls perfectly into the dynamic of the year; we finally get an air conditioning unit that (seemingly) works correctly (keep those fingers crossed) and the heat kicks in. However, despite morning temperatures in the low 40s (no more shorts when I walk) over the past few days, we're supposed to hit 80 tomorrow and the next day, so who knows if I'll need the A/C at night and the heat in the morning.

I shouldn't be surprised by this; 2020 continues to be the most bizarre year on record, swinging like a wild pendulum.  Last week I sang the praises of my mailman (https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2020/09/a-change-of-heart.html).  I still don't know his name.  That's because ever since I wrote/posted he hasn't been on the route.  (Please don't tell me he's been moved; my heart couldn't take that!)  It should also come as no surprise that since then, the service hasn't been as good. (Where are those circulars????)

As summer morphed into fall, my cell phone decided it was time to move into chaotic mode as well.  Now I have had issues with the phone (https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2020/06/when-gps-isnt-working.html) but when I got an error message that looked something like this:  

I knew this couldn't be good.  I had wanted to wait to get a new phone.  (In my book, phones should actually LAST for more than a year or two.  I know this isn't realistic, but it's what this "old lady" thinks.  Yes, I remember the days when appliances lasted more than a few year and you could actually get things repaired at a reasonable cost.  I think this officially puts me in the cranky old lady category.)  Hubby took a look and gave me the grave news that my phone was on the way out.  (I should have figured this out by the way it's been randomly rebooting for no reason lately.)  So I do some research and come up with 3 options.  Discuss with my tech guru hubby and narrow it down to one.  But before I buy...it comes to my attention that my son's phone (which has a slightly cracked screen) is not always charging properly.  AND...(because you knew there had to be an and) my hubby's phone is starting to show signs of heading to the graveyard.  This became apparent when my aunt's laptop wouldn't work.  Hubby and I went over to check it out and it was a goner.  Hubby went to order a replacement (another challenge!) and when he found what was best for her needs and tried to order it using his phone, every time he keyed in a letter or number it duplicated it several times.  So...3 cell phones have now been ordered and will be in use this fall.  My Discover card may explode, but Merry Christmas to all.  (Yes, I know Christmas is in December, but with the way this year is going...)

So...new season; new challenges.  We've gotten through 2 1/2 seasons so far (part of winter, all of spring and summer) we can make it through this one.  Right?  Hope doesn't cost anything, and I still have some.  I "hope" you do too.

Be safe.  Be well.  Enjoy the season of pumpkin spice.


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