For Pete's Sake

Usually when I write a blog post, I'm aiming to get as many people to read what I've written as possible.  (According to Google, that's not very many people, but that is okay.  However, if you are reading this and would like to share with friends...go for it!)  While I'd love for hundreds, thousands and millions of people to read this, this post is for one specific person.  While I'm not counting on him to read this (I have serious doubts), this blog post is for Pete Buttigieg.  

Mayor Pete, I am disappointed that you have dropped out of the race.  I understand and your words touched my heart:  "But I hope that everyone who has been part of this in any way knows that he campaign that you have built and the community that you have created is only the beginning of the change that we are going to make together."  Your words were full of grace, but I continue to feel a sadness that you are no longer part of this race.

I believed in you.  I STILL believe in you.  In my opinion, you ARE the best person for the job.  You are intelligent, hardworking, honest, funny (loved your comment in the debate:  If you're watching right now, and you're a billionaire, I will raise your taxes. But if you'd like to defeat Donald Trump, please go to and donate the maximum $2,800.) and you obviously love our country.  All of these things would make you a great president, but I feared (and think) that it WOULD NOT get you elected as President of the United States.  You are a good person (NOT a perfect person, let me make that clear as we are all infallible); that doesn't seem to be what the American people are looking for (or voting for.)

It pains me to say that.  It really does.  I too love this country.  I did not serve in our armed forces as you did, but I have had relatives (going back to the Revolutionary War) that did. I greatly respect all those who serve and defend our country.  That experience gives you a unique understanding and insight; one that I hold in great esteem.  Both you and I have hope for this country which has become, again in my opinion, a mass of screaming division where respect, honesty and integrity seemingly mean nothing.  A place where it is okay to lie and cheat.  That's not okay with me and from what I saw it was not okay with you either.

I am not a "political" person.  As a young woman, I was a registered Republican.  However, that party has no respect for me or my voice.  I have to say that I'm not a fan of the Democrats or any other "fringe" party, which is why I took the time to unaffiliate myself with ANY party.  (Check it out:  I am a person who likes to do her own research and make up her own mind.  In my 30+ years as a registered voter, I have made financial donations to only three candidates.  We're not talking a lot of money here (barely enough to buy a cup of coffee), but it was MY money and MY choice to back the candidates, if only in a small way.  You are the ONLY candidate that I made more than one donation to.  (Again, it wasn't a lot of money.  I don't have that much to give, but maybe you and Chasten could both get a couple of cups of coffee and split a scone.) You are the only candidate I have truly believed in.  You are the only candidate that I STILL truly believe in.

You have so much to offer.  I wish we lived in a time and a place where your qualifications would matter to voters.  But let's be honest, in today's world even George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wouldn't make the cut.  (Maybe John Adams because he could be harsh with his tongue, but he was also passionate about America and well educated; so maybe not.)  We are not looking for leaders and we are settling for bullies.  (I'm not just talking about the office of President either.)

While you are no longer part of the race, I hope that you will continue your path of service.  You are a young man and so you have so much to offer our nation.  I know you have already given so much, but we NEED people like yourself.  To me, you represent hope.  You give me hope that the world that my son will inherit has the potential to be a better one.  That hope is something that I and I would hazard to guess, so many people need.  So keep on keepin' on as they say.  (Am I showing my age here?)

When November rolls around, in my opinion, the best candidate will not be on the ballot.  At least not this time...


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