A Winter Without Snow?

I am NOT a snow fan.  Yes, a slight white snowfall is nice around the holidays, but after that?  It stops being white and pretty and quickly becomes gray and dirty.  Then there's the ice, sleet and the whole mess.  Yuck!

I am NOT a winter fan and the fact that spring is just few hours away brings a smile to my face.  (And during this time of crisis, don't we all need something to smile about?) So do the crocuses that have popped up on my neighbor's lawn.  (I wish they were on MY lawn.)

With all that said, I'm a little sad (?) that this was a winter without snow.  Let me take that back:  this was a winter with barely any snow.  We did have ONE snowfall.back in January.  It was enough to bring out the snowblower and do some shoveling but it wasn't that much.  The photo that heads this post is from that "storm".

We've had some really cold days.  (Like Valentine's Day when the wind was brutally whipping around and as I was at the NJ shore, there was ice on the beach and part of the lagoon which is my parents "backyard" was frozen over.)  But most of this winter has been unseasonably warm.  While I like this (because I LIKE warm weather), this lack of snow worries me a bit.  I'm not going to go into a whole big climate change and global warming, but...

How will this lack of snow/winter affect the rest of this year?  Will we get a spring or will we immediately go into summer?  (Again, I LOVE summer, but if summer is going to run from April-October...it's not good and even a hot weather woman like myself could get tired of it.)

Time will tell I suppose and as we all know there is nothing we can do about the weather.  (Although there IS something we can do about climate change by taking better care of our planet.)  As much I look forward to the spring, I'll be hoping that we actually DO get snow NEXT winter.   Not weekly blizzards (like we've had in the past), but some snow.  I'd like winter to be winter.  Hey, I'd like spring to be spring and summer to be summer and...well you get the idea.  I live in NJ.  We are supposed to get four seasons here.  And I want to enjoy them all.


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