The Virus Diary: Wednesday, March 25th: Ups and Downs

What do you do on a weekend where you can do nothing?  I probably should have cleaned the house.  I did clean the bathroom.  But it was relatively nice out so on Saturday I went for a nice long walk.  I keep asking my son if he'd like to go for a walk, but he doesn't.  I think this is a mistake, but...  Most of the good stuff that happened over the weekend were the result of my being SAFELY outside.

What do I mean by that?  Well, I walked and greeted people as I saw them, but I did stay a safe distance away.  I did not walk in the park, which is supposed to be closed, but people are ignoring that.  Not cool.  As a result of my walk on Saturday, I found a new development going up in the town next to us.  As a result, when I got home I grabbed "the boys" and did a drive by.  Not much of a family outing, but a family outing just the same. 

In the same ride, I also ventured into a liquor store.  A friend had a birthday the past week and she has four kids at home; wine was definitely needed.  My son had also been virtually tutored that week.  His tutor is also a teacher in town and knowing what she must be going through (and living on her own), a bottle for her was also in order.  I am not completely selfless; I bought a bottle for myself too!  The liquor store (which is large) was very serious in how they handled the 6 foot rule.  Lanes were clearly delineated and patrons were asked to stay back from the register area until the person ahead of you in line had departed.  On the drive home, I checked in to make sure that the birthday girl was available (I KNEW she was home) and told her that my son would be leaving a package on her front porch for her to pick up.  I personally delivered the bottle of wine to my tutor/friend that evening.  I walked it down to her residence and she met me outside.   We stayed 6 feet apart from each other, but had a long talk.  Social distancing does not have to be isolating!  As she lives in an apartment complex and the park is currently closed, I told her she was welcome to come and visit my yard any time.  We have a large backyard and lawn chairs that she was welcome to use even if she just wanted to sit down and get a little sunshine.  As the days grown warmer, I hope she takes me up on my offer.

Sunday afternoon I went for another walk.  I did not intend it to be long, but...while I was out, I passed a friend's house (at this point I thought I was about 2/3 of the way done).  He happened to be coming out to take his own walk.  He mentioned a trail nearby that I did not know about, so we ended up walking and hiking.  All the while staying far enough apart.  We saw quite a few people out on the trail (on feet and on bikes).  It was something I would NOT have done on my own and when all was said and done I walked nearly 7 miles that afternoon.  Not what I had planned, but then life has been throwing us a lot of curve balls recently.  At least over the weekend those curveballs provided safe social interactions.

The song goes rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  This past Monday was a rainy (and snowy!) 
day and it definitely brought me down.  The weather and issues with my son (related to school...if ONLY he would follow DIRECTIONS!) definitely stressed me out.  And COVID-19 hit a little too close, as a co-worker let me know that a relative had passed away on Sunday night from the virus.  What made this more frightening is that the relative had just tested positive on Friday AND lived in the three family household; a house with many generations.  This coupled with conversations with others at work, made me wonder if I was doing enough?  Had I done the right things?  All this made for a rather anxious Monday.

Tuesday came and the anxieties of Monday followed as my husband and I headed out to the grocery store.  Though we have been cautious; have we been cautious enough?  I don't take my clothes off (in the basement so I can wash them right away) and immediately shower after going to the grocery store.  Maybe I should?  I didn't after yesterday's excursion. (Hey, a trip to the grocery is now an excursion.)  I have to say that the store was less crazy...maybe people are getting into the groove of this pandemic?  I was there early (as always), the lot was busy, but not crazy.  I did notice a lot more people in masks, but there were less people.  Meat was an issue again, but I think that had to do with the meat section being the area that is currently undergoing renovation, so...There was only one person ahead of me when I checked out and the visit was probably one of my quicker ones.

The lack of chaos at the store and the sunshine definitely lightened my mood.  It stayed light until I heard that the mother of a friend has the virus. She and her whole family are obviously quarantining.  I stood next to this friend a little over a week ago.  Were we six feet apart?  I don't know. And so the anxiety starts again.  With every sniffle, cough or "strange feeling" I wonder.  But don't we all feel that way these days?

It doesn't help that today (Wednesday) is cold and overcast again.  I have a lot of work to tackle today which raises my stress level as well.  This week; this world is a series of ups and downs.  I suppose it always has been, but this roller coaster of a ride had been more pronounced since...when did this all begin?  

The one thing that I do know and the mantra that keeps me going is that I WILL keep going.  I pray to stay well, but if I don't I will act responsibly (as I have tried to).  I will work through it.  And IF I do get sick, like so many others, I will share my story.  Because we NEED to share.  Good or bad, we need to share.  As far apart as we may be, we are still all connected.  Don't forget:  we are ALL connected.


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