It's Official: No Party!

Ok, I know it's hard to read (because it's a scanned document/photo), but I received the above document yesterday. (It was dated 3/3/17, which tells you how fantastic our government and/or postal service works since it took 14 days from the date of the document to go appropriately 10 from the Hall of Records to my home.)  I am now officially UNAFFILIATED.

The way I see it (and this is just the way I feel), the Republicans are despicable and the Democrats are disgusting. I like to consider myself a relatively "good" person (although that is debatable at times) and don't want to be associated with either of them.  (To be clear however, that doesn't mean that I think every elected official associated with one party or another is disgusting or despicable.  I do see a few reasonable officials out there who seem to have common sense, but sadly, those seem to be few and far between.  It appears to me that the majority are too busy covering and saving their own butts to give a darn about my needs or the needs of this country.  Moreover, I don't like either party assuming I agree point blank with them or their policies merely based on ties to a party.)  I've been disappointed with the smaller parties that are out there (Libertarian, Green, etc.).  I don't think I'm surprising anyone when I say; I feel that the whole this is a mess and I don't want to be a part of it.

If I do ever change my mind, I can.  It is an easy process to affiliate with a party again.  As the letter says; just need to do it 55 days prior to a Primary should I wish to participate in one.  At this point, it would take a lot of work for ANY party to convince me to join them.

I know I am just one person among millions who vote.  Losing one member doesn't mean a heck of a lot, does it?  But maybe I'm not alone.  Maybe more people are "dropping out."  I know more people are considering it and even more are voting with what they know, rather than what any party says they should do.

Dylan said the times they are a changin'.  I'm saying, it is time to changes those times.  Time to challenge the "norm."  Time to speak our minds and be our own people.   No more party.


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