The Virus Diary: March 30th: Monday Musings

Here we are at the end of the month.  Can anyone actually remember the beginning of this month?  I always thought February was the longest month.  It USED to seem that way, even though it only had 28 days.  This year it had 29, but it seems like it was 29 years ago.  Days are blending into each other and memories of what used to be normal are fading fast.  When we do return to "normal" (and we WILL...although it might not be exactly as it was once before and that could be a good thing), I don't think we will forget this "abnormal" time.

Despite the fact that these are stressful times,  (I should never have watched 60 Minutes last night; this might be why I had such a difficult time sleeping) the weekend actually had some fun associated it with.  

The weekend weather was NOT conducive to being outside, but I did sneak a little sun worshipping in late on Friday because if you are home, you SHOULD take sunshine breaks when you get them.  Warm weather and blue skies can do a soul a world of good.

Saturday I went out for a walk before it was supposed to rain.  I walked downtown and ran into a friend who is usually a runner who was walking.  If this had been an ordinary Saturday, I would have seen her later in the day at thrift shop where we both volunteer.  But we know that these are not ordinary times, so the few minutes that we took just to chat (from a 6 foot distance) was definitely a highlight of the day.  Also, if you're from the NY tri-state area and you watch the local news on CBS you might have seen that the weather was being broadcast live from my local park.  The park is closed (although you wouldn't know it as I have seen people still walking and I've even seen cars drive around the barriers that block off the street that runs through it) so they were broadcasting from the perimeter.  (THANK YOU!)  As I was heading back, I saw our local meteorologist grabbing some stuff from his car.  My new "thing" is to greet everyone I see on my walk, and he was no exception.  So as it started to rain...

Sunday was also a pretty good day despite the fog.  (Which is why I didn't get out).  But what I DID do was have brunch with about 15 people!  


Well if you read this, you know that I was supposed to be away for the weekend and I was supposed to host a brunch.  One of the guests (a very smart fellow!) suggested that we try for a virtual brunch.  He was generous enough to take over the hosting from me and supply us with a Zoom meeting.  I've been using it for some church meetings and services and have been pretty impressed.  This virtual brunch was just what we all needed.  We sat in front of our computers (most of us with our cameras on so we could see each other), drank our coffee, ate our fruit and cereal (or whatever) and talked  And laughed.  I tried to keep the conversation away from the news.  I didn't completely succeed, but...

It was such a lovely hour.  It could have gone on for longer, but our host had another meeting scheduled, so we had to call it quits, but no before another guest offered a new link for an additional 40 minutes (the free basic membership allows 40 minute meetings).  We refreshed our coffee (or other beverage) and reconvened a half an hour later for more chat.  (Some guests even moved outside to their front porch...not everyone lives in the tri-state area where it was cold and clammy).  

I don't think any of us realized how much we needed this kind of interaction or how much we missed it.  Maybe we weren't in the same room together physically, but we were laughing.  And if just for a little while the world wasn't quite so horrible.

I have to say that it was such a good time, that I got myself a PAID Zoom account.  Now I've scheduled another brunch with the same group of people and then some!  And I've gathered another group of friends and scheduled a virtual happy hour this week.  Completely different gang and one that used to meet once a month until we couldn't find the time to get together any more.  NOW we have the time.  And now more than ever we need each other's companionship, even if it is just virtual.

While this Monday is overcast and the reality of life is slapping me in the face once again, I know that I have something to look forward to.  We all do...we can find ways to connect.  We need to.  I believe James Corden calls it physical distancing.  We need to be apart physically, but now more than ever we need to find ways to connect.  We can find and crazy ways that just might brighten your world when it's gray.


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