Thoughts for A Tuesday

Some thoughts from Bfth on this first Tuesday in February:

  • I'm glad January is over.  Isn't everyone?  It starts out with a blast; who isn't excited for the New Year and new beginnings?  Then it just peters out.  It peters out slowly that I've heard other say that the month must have at least 37 days in it.  It sure feels that way.  The holidays are over and we are stuck in the cold and dark.  What is there to look forward to?  Who wants to get out of bed and do anything?  This past January has been blissfully boring as far as the weather goes (at least here on the east coast), which makes me worry what the next couple of months might bring.  Just as we're lulled into a sense of complacency, will we get whammed with a big snowstorm?  Only time will tell.
  • Speaking of getting "whammed"; once again I've joined the #lastman challenge.  I *think* I'm breaking my own record.  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, you need to read:  Last year I was all too proud and it got me into trouble:  As I write this, it is afternoon on the 4th and I'm still standing.  I think it helps that the two teams playing were not from my area or even my coast.  I DO know who played, but I have to think about it...I can't just blurt it out.  I didn't watch a second of the game (although I did see some of the pre-show). I don't know how Shakira or J-Lo did (or what they wore).  I don't know when the game ended.  It probably helped that the night before I stayed up late (for me) as my son was out at a "gathering."  (Not a party, according to him, but friends got together and did whatever they do at someone's house.)  It was too far for him to walk home late at night, so I had to stay up until after 11 to pick him up.  I did try to nap through the evening, but once I got him, I was awake again!  My son's social life is keeping me up watching Saturday Night Live!  (Something I don't think I have done in...I don't know how long!)  Since I am an early riser, I was beat on Sunday night.  I climbed into bed probably by eight with the lights off and the tv on...what happened after that...I avoided the news and social media yesterday (easy to do because I've been really busy at work) and have been pretty busy today as well.  How long will I stand?  I'm proud of myself for making it this far.  As the results fade into the background...time will tell.
  • Tonight is the State of the Union address.  I won't be watching.  I KNOW what the state of the union is.  We are a mess; a complete and utter mess.  I don't need to hear lies or inhale any more negativity.  There is enough stress if my life as it is; I don't need it added too.  If civility ever comes back into style, then I'll watch/listen again.  (I pray some day it WILL come back.  I have to have hope.  We all do!)  I understand the anger that people have (and believe me I get angry too), but we CANNOT be angry all the time.  It is not good for us and anger just begets angry.  We need to stop the cycle and work to find common ground.  Yes, I know I am a dreamer...
  • Speaking of stress...I know I carry it in my shoulders and neck.  Recently I saw a photo of myself and I realized how hunched over I have become.  It was quite upsetting.  I knew I didn't have the best of posture, but I'm not ready to become a bent over little old lady!  I am short enough as it is!  Therefore, I am making a conscious decision to try and carry myself with pride.  I'm not going to eliminate the slouching all the time (how hunched am I as I write on this computer?), but I can make the effort to keep my head up and my shoulders back.  It's unnatural now, but I'm hoping that as time marches on it will become more of a habit. Plus I'm hoping it will result in feeling less stressed and more positive. Something we all need.

So those are some of my thoughts for today.  Feel free to share yours with me as we make our way through this Tuesday. (Is it time for tacos yet?)


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