Still Standing?

As I write this, I am still "alive" in the #lastman challenge...Of course I don't know if the challenge still exists.  When I Google it I get hits on a tv series (that I don't watch...big surprise there).  So I still don't know who won the Superbowl yesterday.

Yes, it's true...I don't know the outcome.  And I am sure that by the time I finish writing someone will have finished me off.  Although there is a slight chance that I may survive, as my two male, football loving co-workers are not in the office today.  If there were going to be in I would be dead, dead, DEAD.

And IF I make it to posting with no knowledge, I'm sure that SOMEONE will slam me on social media.  It's a hazard I'll have to face.

The challenge was too hard for me last night.  You know I'm not interested in football.  I'm not a big sports person period.  What I really want to know (and I will research when I have the time) is how Skittles:  The Musical went last night.  (Yes, IF I had money I probably would have attempted to see this one time performance at Town Hall in NYC.)

This morning would have been more of a challenge IF my cable book hadn't been turned off (and I didn't realize it at the time.)  So when I turned on the tv, NOTHING.  Which was ok...I just switched over to the aerobic video and did my work out.  (Plus, there was no temptation to switch back to live tv to see what was going on in the world since I thought there was a problem -- which there wasn't!)

The most difficult part for me was NOT watching my favorite part of the morning news:  CBS' Your World in 90 Seconds.   It really IS an important part of my morning.  While I love Gayle, Nora, John and Bianna, those 90 seconds (which are really more than 90 seconds, but I'm not going to quibble) make my day.  (I even try to get up in time on Saturday morning to catch it.  It's not on Sunday mornings and that makes me sad.)  I skipped it this morning.  I skipped the whole news thing.  This was REALLY hard for me.  Some people go through caffeine withdrawal; I'm going through "Your World in 90 Seconds" withdrawal.  (I don't quite have the shakes, but...)  It might have been easier if my husband wasn't downstairs watching.  I had to run upstairs.  No sipping coffee and catching those first few minutes for me today!  

While driving the kids to school, I had the satellite radio on.  My kid is a Sinatra kid, so no harm in listening to that.  It was a safe station.

I check in with my mom in the morning.  That's safe too.  She has no real interest, but I did make sure to say I wanted to talk nothing about Superbowl, just in case she knew something.  

Social media and news notifications...I'm trying my best to ignore. You KNOW that's not going to last! Are my hands starting to shake now?

Now it's time to get to work.  I should be safe here.  Monday's are busy.  But I have a morning call and the men on that call are sure to include some chat about the game.  Do I pull the phone away from my ear?  Do I just suck it up?  Now that's a challenge!

So here I am...still "innocent" before 9 AM in the morning...Place your bets ladies and gentlemen as to how long this might last.  I'll be sure to update when I crumble.

Lunch time Update:  I'm still good.  This has a lot to do with my being crazed at work.  While I do usually check in on social media, it's been so hectic for me that I haven't even had time to THINK about doing that.  Surprisingly, my weekly conference call did not include any idle chatter and so here I am still not knowing what the heck the outcome of that thing called the Superbowl was...How much longer will I be able to hold out?  

Evening Update:  Believe it or not...I still don't know.  I'll surely slip up by tomorrow.  Or will I?

Tuesday Morning Update:  I addiction to Your World In 90 Seconds did me in when I caught a glimpse of the parade at DisneyWorld.  Sadly, I knew what team Tom Brady played for and if he's in Disney, I know what the game outcome was.  (Although I still don't know the I get some credit for that?).  Not bad in today's media filled world.  This girl failed the #lastman challenge at 7:03 on 2/5/19.


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