The Same Old Song: STILL Missing Oprah

If you don't understand the title of this post, then you need to go back and read this first:  (Don't worry, like most of my posts, it's a quick read!)  I wrote that back in early November of 2019.  Here were are in early February.  Do you think I've seen Oprah?

The thing is I recently got an email from the magazine encouraging me to renew my subscription. Even though I paid nothing for the subscription, I would happily pay the "low price" of $38 (I've rounded up) that they are offering subscribers for a year of the magazine.  Ok, maybe I wouldn't be so happy about paying that, but I WOULD pay because I enjoy the magazine...WHEN I get it.  And the last time I saw it was in September of 2019.   Despite my complaint to the US Postal service (and the person from the local office who told me if I had any problems I should contact her directly and not the national office...Ummm...why might that be when I am STILL not getting my magazine?)  I still have seen zip, zilch...NADA!

Relatively recently (maybe last month?) I changed my address of the magazine website to my office address.  It's too early to tell if that will work out in my favor or not.  I do know that in my office we DO get magazines.  So MAYBE next month I'll actually see a magazine (but I'm not holding my breath).

Meanwhile, I've come to the realization that I haven't seen my AARP magazine lately either.  (Gulp...yes, I get AARP's magazine.  I DO hate admitting that, but...) I think the last one I saw was back in November or December.  Before, you ask, I AM a member and I should be getting one still. But nothing...I actually kind of miss it.  (Oh God, am I getting OLD???  I AM!  I REALLY AM!!!)

I know that I could read either on line or on an e device.  And I have.  But sometimes I just really like the feel of a magazine in my hand.  I can say the same thing about a book (and I have said the same thing.)  I love my e-reader.  I go through books with ease because in many ways it's easier to read that way.  I never have to find a book mark. I don't mess up the pages.  But I don't feel comfortable bringing a digital device to the beach and I also really like to read in the tub.  (Particularly during the cold months and even though it hasn't been that cold yet this winter, I still get a chill in my bones that only a hot bath can solve.)  I find purpose to both.  Both have become necessary for me.  I may be an "old" lady, but I like to read a newspaper from time to time.  A REAL newspaper that I can never fold the right way and annoys the heck out of me.  But I like the actual paper.

Which leads me back to the question:  where is My O magazine?  Where is my AARP magazine?  While I know mail service is an issue for many in my town; is this part of a larger problem?  Does anyone in Essex County, NJ get magazines anymore?  Does anyone else in this county, this state, this COUNTRY, have this issue?  And if so, what are we going to do about it?

Attention magazine publishers; I LIKE your product.  (Okay not all of them, but many of them.)  I would be willing to PAY for a subscription, but I won't because I'm not getting anything in return.  It's not your fault, but it IS something you should be aware of.  Because maybe if enough to us talk about this problem, it will actually get solved.

And maybe someday I'll stop missing Oprah!


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