The "Magic" of Oprah

Perhaps you can guess what this post is going to be about.  You may have your suspicions based on an earlier post from this month.  But let me tell you what happened to me yesterday...

The last time I was physically in my office was Thursday.  Friday I worked offsite and Monday was a holiday.  When I came in early yesterday morning (because a Monday off means that Tuesday is going to be twice as busy), there was a small pile of mail on my desk.  There, buried underneath a bunch of envelopes was:

It was a Valentine's Day (because that's when I'm assuming the mail showed up) miracle!  Five months after my last copy (September 2019) I FINALLY have a physical copy of the magazine again.  (I have been able to read it digitally thanks to my local library.  However, when it comes to magazines and newspapers, I like a "real"/hard copy.  I'm completely ok with reading a book on an e-reader, but I have some sort of block against it when it comes to magazines and newspapers.  Probably because they just don't scan right, but that's a whole other complaint and story...)

So what changed?  My address.

January, after trying to get this resolved with my local post office and still not seeing any results, I finally thought outside of the box and changed my mailing address.  Instead of to my home, it comes to my office which is in a different county.  Same state, but obviously a different distribution center.  Which leads me to wonder what the heck my local postal service was talking about when they said they had problems processing magazines.  Why would one place have that and not the other?

However, I am extremely grateful (and happy), that our three passports have already arrived at our home.  (Remember:  AND our birth certificates have also made it. (The sets of documents all come under separate cover.)  Certainly that is more important than a few issues of a magazine.  (Sorry Oprah.)

These does mean that if I lose my job, I lose Oprah too. How's that for work motivation? 
So I guess I'd better keep my nose to the grindstone.  But I'll be sure to take a lunch break along with my magazine!


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