(Foggy) Friday Follow Up

It's a foggy day in London, only I'm not in London!  Here in Northern NJ it's one of those weird weather days.  Currently it's raining and so foggy that I can barely see out the window.  By the end of the day it will clear, but temperatures are going to plummet.  Welcome to winter?

As I head off to the weekend (not there yet), I've got some updates on items that I wrote about earlier. (I know you are waiting with baited breath, right?)  Because I love bullet points...

  • The early morning visitor:   The insurance agent was APPALLED at the way the inspection was handled.  At first she thought it couldn't have been a field rep and we were concerned that it all was some sort of strange scam.  She followed up and it a true field person and there was definitely going to be some sort of re-education.  If he had been in the wrong neighborhood he might have gotten shot!  
  • The Same Old Song: STILL Missing Oprah:  STILL no O magazine.  But I DID finally get an AARP magazine. It was for February/March.  I'm still wondering what happened to January...or was it December?  In retrospect, I'm also noticing that I'm getting a lot less catalogs.  Are they missing too or are retailers just tired of sending me mail and me not buying anything.  (You have to make me the right offer at the right time!)  This is NOT a plea to retailers to send me more mail; just an observation. 
  • Thoughts for A Tuesday:  I'm out of the #LastMan challenge.  I SHOULD be proud that I made it to 7:08 on Wednesday evening.  On Sunday night and Monday I made a real effort not to watch any kind of media or be involved with social media.  On Tuesday I was less so, but still cautious.  By Wednesday I figured it was all good.  If it hadn't been for that darned man who lead the police on a high speed chase during the winning teams parade, I would probably still be standing.  (See how I'm NOT spoiling it for anyone who might still be standing?)  I'm up for the challenge again next year although the difficulty still lies in what teams play.  If it's a Jets/Giants game, I'm in big trouble!
  • Finally, it was 56 years ago today that my favorite band of all time landed on these shores.  If you don't know who I am talking about; for SHAME!  Their music changed the world and made it a better place (for the most part).  In today's world, we seemed to have forgotten their overall message of peace and love.  It's also a reminder that you can come from humble beginnings and have a tremendous impact on the world in your own time and in the future.  Remember, all you need is love. 
Have a wonderful weekend...and give peace a chance!


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