I Want To See A Robin

It's been a relatively mild winter here in NJ.  We've had some really cold days, but mostly they haven't been all that bad.  I'm not complaining.  (Although I am not optimistic about what the remainder of the winter might bring.)

The other day, for the first time in a LONG time (winter wise that is), I heard some birds.  I heard them chirping outside my window in the morning.  It reminded me that spring is on the way.  It SHOULD remind me that I need to have hope.

So I am looking out my window hoping to see a robin.  Robins represent spring to me.  And they also remind me of my grandmother.  As I write this it would have been her ___ birthday. (Not writing the actual number out of respect for her because that's the way she was.)  She would always be the first one in the family to see a robin.  It was a contest between my mom, myself and my grandmother.  She always seemed to spot them first.  It was probably because her kitchen table overlooked the large backyard and there were plenty of trees and lots of green.  (Today it's not so much.)  She would sit there for breakfast (which I don't do), lunch (I'm out at the office most of the days) and dinner (well, at least that tradition continues).  And she would see things.  She would see the birds, the squirrels, the bunnies, the chipmunks...all because she sat down at the table and looked.

On her birthday, I am taking the time to look.  To not bury myself in whatever it might be, but to look outside the window.  I am hoping that I will see a robin.  Maybe I won't.  But I know that I will see something.  Because I will take the time to do so.

I won't always take the time.  I don't always have the time.  I SHOULD take the time to stop and look around me.  To notice what is there and what is good.  I can't or won't always do this, but I WILL do so today.  I till take the time to stop and take in the world around me.  Perhaps it's something we should all do; if not every day at the very least once a year.  Find that day to be still and see the world around you.  It's a world that deserves to be seen.

(Note:  I wrote this on Sunday, February 23rd, which was my grandmother's birthday.  It was also the day I filled in for our pastor at my church.  In case you missed that:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-lie.html.  After the service, as I backed my car into the driveway, across the street in a neighbor's driveway directly across from my own, I saw a bird.  As it flitted away I saw it's red breast.  I have my robin.)


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