The Challenge: #Lastman

I've read it about it for a couple of years.  I was reminded it about it on Friday by Now I Know.  (Which is a great newsletter/website by this guy named Dan Lewis, who I don't know, but his weekday newsletters in my email box usually educate me and usually the highlight of my morning.)  So today, mere hours before the Super Bowl, I have decided to join the cause and run from the knowledge.

It is a game I cannot win.  No one ever does.  However, I can give it a try.  And try I will.

If you don't know what #lastman is, I encourage you to visit the website:  In a nutshell, the idea is to refrain from finding out who wins and/or what the score of the Super Bowl is.   It's harder than you think, even for me, someone who could give a fig about football.  (Heck, I barely know who is playing today.)  Of course, you can never win.  Eventually you are going to see or hear it, but the object (as I understand it) is to try to stay away from "the knowledge" for as long as possible.

I am up for the challenge.  

I will not watch the Super Bowl.  (Not that I want to anyway.)  I will avoid all sports news.  If I can make it to tomorrow morning, I will most likely have to forgo my daily fix of CBS This Morning's Your World in 90 Seconds.  I will have to NOT listen to office chatter.  (This will be especially hard considering that I have a weekly Monday morning conference call which is dominated by men who love sports.)

I love social media.  (Would I be blogging regularly if I didn't?)  I have a feeling that it may be my downfall.  Nevertheless, if I have to avoid my daily (hourly?) dose of Facebook, it's a sacrifice I have to make.  (So sorry Facebook friends....)

So right now, just mere hours before Super Bowl LI, (that's 51, not Long Island! :D), I rise to the challenge.  No Super Bowl parties for me.  (Not that there were any in the plan.)  Instead, I'll focus on sitcom reruns and "women's television"  I'm not even sure if the Puppy Bowl would be safe for me, so I'm turning away.

So here it begins...stay tuned to see how long I will manage to be #Lastman.


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