Prayer For Mothers

Bless all the mothers
The caregivers who need to give care to themselves.
Who put everyone else first.
Remind them not to be last.

Grant them peace where there is chaos.
Love where there is anger and hatred.
Strength when the world makes them weary.

Let them find a shoulder to cry on.
Have a friend to laugh with.
Provide a safe space where they can scream in frustration.

Remind them of joy when there is sorrow.
Teach them love of self when they have beaten themselves up.
Let them carry hope and the knowledge that they are NOT alone in the world where we can all feel so lonely.

Grant them faith in themselves and their convictions
Knowledge that they ARE good enough.
Comfort them; as they have comforted countless others.

Bless all the mothers
For they are the ones
Without whom; there would be...



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