In Praise of Tuesday

While I've got nothing against the weekends, I don't shout, Thank God It's Friday because my Fridays are usually pretty crazy.  In the workplace it means consolidating a half dozen reports and comparing them to two other reports, which don't come in until at least 6 PM, doing an analysis of the data before passing it on to my boss for a Monday morning meeting.  So while my Friday mornings start at the same time as every other weekday (that would be around 4:30 AM), they wrap up later.  Can you see why I don't sing the praises of Friday?  

Weekends are great, but almost always crazy busy.  Before you know it, Monday is here again.  And for me, Monday is just as crazy as Friday (though thankfully not as long, at least not work wise.)  Thursdays are also busy work wise for me with Wednesdays not being quite so hectic, but I do have choir rehearsal in the evening, so it's a long day too.

Which brings me to Tuesday.  It's the quietest work day of the week for me.   Generally Tuesdays mean no after work or school activities.  While Sunday and Wednesday nights mean gathering and putting out the garbage and Monday nights mean getting together the recyclable items (all of these things require a full family effort as we are in the process of doing some serious purging and cleaning which is a long term project), Tuesday nights are pretty quiet.  Unless Wednesday is bulky item/white good day (when the town comes to haul away all the junk that you can't put out in the garbage).  But that's only every other week, and this Tuesday night is NOT one of those, so I am reveling in the day.

I can sip my (re-heated) coffee at my desk and not worry about getting reports out.  I can drop the kids off early and run to the produce market even before physically arriving in the office.  I can leisurely make a family dinner tonight and maybe even make some homemade soup with the leftover ham (bone in) from Sunday.  (Thank you crock pot!  How else would I run to an all-day event and come home to a cooked meal?  In the door, out of re-enactment clothing and dinner on the table within 10 that's what I call Mommy Magic!)  I can sit back and watch (with the hubby) last week's Fosse/Verdon episode that we never quite found the time to watch last week.  (We both love the show, but are never awake to watch it when it airs.)

Tuesdays may be work days, but they can be great days.  Especially in spring and fall (or what we think of us spring or fall), when the sun is shining and it's not too hot or too cold.  A day when I have a moment or two to look at the window and see the world.  Maybe even take a lunchtime walk.  (A supplement to the early morning walk, which is part of the daily must exercise in some shape or form, so get out there early and do it before you're too exhausted or have too many other things that will keep you from doing it.)

The only "bad" Tuesday is when Tuesday becomes Monday, or as I like to call it "Tue-Monday."  Next Tuesday is a Tue-Monday.  There is no praise for a Tue-Monday because you are shoving all of Monday's craziness into Tuesday, so you can't sit back and enjoy it.  On the other hand, it make for a much more enjoyable Monday.  (Until the evening, when you realize that Tuesday is actually Tue-Monday and you just want to climb into bed and hide.)

But today is Tuesday.  A beautiful Tuesday as far as I can see.  Time to take another sip of coffee, take a deep breath, look out the window and tackle this beautiful day.


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