It's Time For Local Elections: Don't Vote For...

My local elections are less than a week away.  So I'm asking my local friends and readers? Have you done your homework?  Did you attend the candidates forum or viewed it on line?  Have you looked at the answers that the candidates have given to the questions posed by local media?  Have you even checked out the candidates’ webpages and/or social media?  If you haven't?  What are you waiting for?  Your vote DOES count!  (Don't believe me, just ask ANY of the five candidates and I'm sure they will agree with me!)

Before casting your vote  I want to share some don'ts with you.

DON'T vote for Candidate A or B because they are incumbents

DON'T vote for C because she is a woman.

DON'T vote for D because he was the President of the Board of Education

DON'T vote for E because he is a veteran.

Those things aren't important.   All the lawn signs and banners in town aren't important.  Who your neighbor is voting for isn't important.  Here's what IS important.

Vote for A and/or B  because you like what they have done thus far on the town council.  Vote for either one of them (or both) because you feel their actions thus far have benefitted the town and/or yourself.

Vote for C because of her experience in the financial field as well as her volunteer experience in our town.  If you feel that what she has accomplished would make her a good council member; vote for her.

Vote for D because you feel that what he did as a member of the Board of Education enriched our school system.   Vote for him if you think that his experience there will translate well into the town council.

Vote for E because you think his experience in the military would make him a good leader on our town council.  Vote for him because you feel his experience in as a small business leader and developer would be beneficial to the area.

Your vote is YOUR vote.  You need to cast your ballot for the person YOU feel is best for the position based on what each candidate brings to the table.  When it comes to local elections, remember this is YOUR town, or YOUR city or YOUR county; this is your time to help shape its future.

For those of us who have local elections coming up, there is still time to do your homework.  Do it!   Be informed.  And then cast your vote!  


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