A Disappointing Election

I'm disappointed in last weeks’s town council election.  But my disappointment has nothing to do with the candidates.  As a matter of fact, while I'd like to congratulate Christine McGrath on her win.   I'd also like to congratulate Alex Roman  (who was not declared a winner until 3 days AFTER the election and won by TWO VOTES!  That's right TWO VOTES!  Don't tell me every vote DOESN'T count.  IT DOES!) Thanks also need to go out   John Quattrocchi, Michael Nochimson and John Fio Rito.  It is obvious that all of you care deeply about this town; so much so that you put yourself out there in a way that few would want to.  (I know I wouldn't.)  You were (and I hope still are) ready to serve Verona and do your best to make it a community that would benefit ALL its residents. That's something that the current council strives for and I know the next council will too.  If you did not win a seat, I hope you will still be active, in whatever way possible, so that Verona will continue to be the wonderful town that it is.  We NEED dedicated individuals who care about our town and not just to serve on the town council.

With that said, my disappointment is with the number of people who turned out to vote.  According to news reports, there are just over 11,000 people in Verona who are registered to vote and yet less than 2300 people did so?  Where is the Verona pride?  Do the majority of us not care about what is going on in our town? Do we not want to have a voice?

Living in a small town, we have access to our leaders.  If you email our mayor, Kevin Ryan, you WILL get an answer and in a timely fashion.  I know that if I have a concern, I can talk to councilman Jack McEvoy, and while it might be easier for me because I live across the street from him and can nab him when he's putting out the trash or recyclables, I also know that if any resident called or emailed him, he would respond. When considering who to vote for, I asked, via email, each candidate a question.  With the exception of one, four answered me and for the most part provided me with well thought out and considerate answers.   This is what we need; communication and respect.  In my eye, our town council and those who were candidates, are doing just that, but we're not doing our part.

The next election will be coming up in June.  It is a primary, so you have be a registered Democrat or Republican, in order to vote.  If you are not registered with either of these parties, than your next chance to vote is in November when we select who will represent us in the NJ General Assembly.  I've already started my research and I encourage you to do so too.  These are the people who will be representing YOU at a state level.  Who will be represent what YOU hold dear and stands with you on the issues that YOU value?

Voting is a privilege.   It is an opportunity for each and every one of us to have our voices heard.  Don't let it pass you by.


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