Ugh...Getting Out of Bed

Contrary to common belief and despite the fact that I rise before the sun (at least during the non-summer months), I'm NOT a fan of getting out of bed in the mornings.

This is particularly true during the winter.  (Even when it's not cold out.)  Right now we have the warm, fleece sheets (Not flannel...fleece is so much better: on the bed.  I can't wait to get into bed at night and I abhor getting up in the morning.  It's all soft and snuggly in there.  Why would I want to leave?

Some days I lie there and tell myself its ok not to get up right away.  I could go back to sleep for just a little while longer.  That it won't screw up the universe if I skip a day of morning exercise.  And yet I rarely listen to that voice. (I can't say never.)  I get out of bed.  I do the "morning things" and then go and do the morning exercise.

Winter exercise is the worst in my book.  Feel free to convince me otherwise. (Maybe someone has a better idea than I do.)  Exercising in the warmer months is so much easier.  It's throwing on some workout clothes, grabbing the phone/headphones and walking out the door.  It's fresh air and getting fresh ideas.  (Truly walking in the morning generates all sorts of wonderful thoughts and potential blog post.)  Winter is staying inside (because I'm not risking dark with potential slick areas).  Winter it putting on a video and doing 60-75 minutes of walking workouts. Now I'm a fan of Leslie Sansone and I've been doing her videos on and off since the beginning (as in before she was Sansone), but I'm getting tired of the videos I have.  (Yes, I know I could buy more or join her on line app for new routines, but I'm trying to SAVE money here...which is why I am big fan going outside and walking.  I don't need gym fees or any equipment.  I need just ME to get out there and do what I need to do.) After a month or two, even with rotating videos, I find myself shifting back and forth between the video and the news or some interesting tv program.  And my resolve to do 70 minutes (or more) gets cut down to 50 or 40.  I do it, but to be honest I don't WANT to do it.  

In the winter, it's me in the cold living room moving around.  I keep the sound down so that the men can sleep.  (Although let's be honest, my son could sleep through ANYTHING.)  The furnace turns on and off...and I turn the sound up and down to compete with it.  It's dark and it really doesn't get much lighter, even when I'm finished up.

Who wants to get out of bed for this?  NOT me!

Should I be enthusiastic because its a new year and the New Year is the time when everyone gets the fitness/health bug?  Well NOT me!  While I've been committed to walking since before the turn of the century (yikes), I've been devoted to daily exercise since October 2011.  I've had my ups and downs (that would be with the pounds).  I recommitted myself this past August. (  I have reached a point, weight wise, where I'm stuck.  And when you get stuck, it's hard to be enthusiastic.  (It's also hard for me because while 99% of the world benefits/loves the new Free Style Weight Watcher program, it doesn't help me at all.  Much of the new 0 point food items are foods I CAN'T eat like chicken, beans and shellfish.  This would have been ok, but with the new program they lowered my daily point allotment by 7 points.  And I NEED those 7 points.  So while I continue on with WW, I go over my new point allotment every day/week.  And while I may lose some weeks, it is mentally hard to see that I am going over all the time.  It's discouraging!  It's depressing.  And it's making MY journey more spiritually difficult.)

So why get out of bed to exercise in the cold dark with no results (or no positive results) on the scale?

Because I need to do it.  Because it is the right thing to do.  I may not always get the results I want, but studies show that we all need to exercise.  We're all getting older and while I can't slow down the aging process, I can do what I can to stay healthy.  And if I only do 20 minutes today when I should do 70, well at least I did 20.  I can get back on track tomorrow.  (I can remind myself of that too.)

Besides by getting up and getting it "over with" I don't have to worry about it for the rest of my day.  While I sit on my behind at work, I know that I have done what I needed to do.  Although there's always room for improvement...and once that sun comes out and temperatures rise I'll be out there at lunch putting some extra steps in.  (I did try this on a warm day this month...with all the salt on the roads and walkways it wasn't much fun!)

Am I down because my weight is NOT down?  Yes.  But I'll keep getting out of bed...even when I don't want to.  Because. 


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