I'm Not Going To Talk About the Weather

It's what everyone's been talking about.  It seems it is all we CAN talk about here on the eastern seaboard. The weather.  The brutal cold.  (Where temps in Anchorage, Alaska were higher than here in NJ.  I know some people will use that to refute global warming, but I think it's an excellent example.  Places that we think of as cold being warm while places that are cold during the winter months are bitter...talk about climate change.  And since it's called GLOBAL warming, I suppose the fact that it was over 115 in parts of Australia would point in that direction too.)  There was a blizzard/nor'easter/bomb cyclone (whatever the hell that is) that was non-stop on the news.  So I'm NOT going to talk about the weather.

I won't talk about school being called off at 4:57 when there was not a flake in sight.  (NYC schools had been cancelled the evening before so no early morning calls for them.)  Not that it was the wrong call; it was the RIGHT call as once the snow (that I'm not going to talk about) came swirling in I could barely see out the window.  Forget the snow; winds were whipping at over 50 MPH in some places. (Which me saying my prayers that my parents didn't lose power.  The Barnegat Islands are NOT known for their power stability...it goes out with a simple puff and with accumulations predicted for a foot or more you know they weren't going to get shoveled out for a long time.  Thankfully my prayers were answered with a resounding:  "The power will stay on...this time...but don't count on the side roads being cleared until after Memorial Day.")  Winds that made it darned near impossible to tell when it DID stop snowing. (By our guestimate, it was around 4 in the afternoon; or at least that's when my family braved the elements and went out and did what cleaning we could.  Our team of three worked together, doing our best to ignore the gusts of snow that thrown back in our faces, turning us into living ice people.)

I'm not going to talk about going to the grocery store early the next morning (because school has a 2-hour delay, which while a wise decision is not truly at 2 hour delay seeing how the middle school officially starts at 8:20 and 10:00 is not 2 hour later).  The shelves were surprising well stocked (and my favorite cashier was amazingly cheerful).  Which just goes to prove that you don't have to go running for the bread and milk the day before with the rest of the hoards.  There was plenty to be had.  (Of course if there hadn't been, we would have managed to survive a day or two without bread or milk.  It CAN be done...I won't talk about the hazards of a toilet paper shortage!)

I won't talk about the crazy drivers who only get crazier when there is snow and ice.  Or how getting to work the day after the storm was easy UNTIL I turned onto the road where I work which once again was a mess.  For all those people who are planning to buy/rent in the new condo complex that is going up next door (or buy/rent in the complex on the other side of the building), take a ride after bad weather before you sign on the dotted line.  

I won't talk about my poor 9 year old car which is usually black but is now covered in salt/sludge/dirt/God knows what.  (And I'm NOT going to get it washed because it's just useless at this point.)  The hard working Ford that chugged through temperatures that I didn't want to imagine.  (Tire Pressure Sensor Fault light glowing like a beacon. The tire pressure is FINE, as I had it checked out.  Sensor...well...once the spring finally makes its appearance it is probably time to look into a new vehicle.  This one has done its job admirably over the years, despite being bashed several times by uncaring drivers who did not bother to own up to their mistakes.  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2015/02/bfths-bitchin-or-would-you-like-little.html)

I'm not going to talk about bundling up because it is so frigid outside with layer upon layer.  How my son actually did say "I can't put my arms down."  (And he was serious!).  How I wore my flannel lined pants, long sleeve shirt with heavy wool sweater over it and duck shoes (thank you L.L. Bean...I think I've had them since before I was married and they are still going strong.  Can't say the same about the lined boots that I got 4 or so years ago, but since you don't make them any more...).  How I had to strip down less than an hour after arriving at my office because it was nearly 80 in my little cubicle (while the temperatures outside barely got into the teens.)

I'm NOT going to talk about it.  Because there are only 70 days, 1 hour (and some odd minutes) left until we finally hit spring.  (Not that I'm counting...)


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