One One Nine (119)

Today is the day:  119.

So what does that mean? What is the purpose behind #oneonenine?

It's not my idea (I wish it was) and it's not all that serious (like so many campaigns are these days).  It was the brainchild of Kenneth Phillips and Blake Morrow as way of "rallying the troops" as it were.  In this case, the troops were/are fans of the series "Twin Peaks," the "cult" phenomenon that reappeared last year with season 3, over 25 years AFTER it went off network tv.  In the third episode of the eighteen episode series, a woman (junkie) kept yelling out "1-1-9".  Was she so strung out that she was trying to call for help (911) and got it screwed up?  Did it mean something else?  Who knows?

If you're not a fan of the surreal show, I suppose you can stop reading now.  (Although I hope that you won't.)  If you ARE a fan, I hope you were as captivated by the return on Showtime from May to September 2017 as I was.  AND I hope that you are wishing for more. I know I am.

With that said, I don't know if that will/could happen.  Those 18 wonderful and bizarre episodes took years to put together.  (It is my opinion that every second was assembled with love and devotion.)  Coming up with more wouldn't be easy or quick.  But I still can hope.

For me, season 3 was better than the previous two.  (Not that there was anything wrong with those seasons...well, maybe there was a little wrong with season two, but let's not go there.)  It was more captivating and carefully crafted.  It was not what I expected; although I'm not sure WHAT I expected.  I was prepared for the strange and slightly scary; I was not ready to be glue to my seat for every second that an episode aired.  And for me every episode HAD to be viewed at least three times.  Not that it necessarily made more sense on multiple didn't.  But every time I watched I was immersed in the Twin Peaks world.

I had questions.  I didn't always get answers.  Okay, let's be honest, viewers usually DIDN"T get answers.  Just more questions and more things to ponder.  There were theories, right and wrong, but almost all ruminations were carefully constructed and then (for the most part) respectfully debated among fans.

I did want answers.  I DO want answers.  But for me answers are not the most important aspect of the equation.  Just going along on the wonderful ride was (and is) enough for me. It's not important that we know what 1-1-9 means or what happened to Becky or who (or what) mother, the Fireman, the woodsman, etc. are.  What I want most of all is to go on that incredible ride again.  To be completely entranced.  To be puzzled.  To be overjoyed.  To be frustrated.  To be all those things and more that "Twin Peaks" evoked in me.

Today, being 1/19, is the perfect time to revisit season three and all the hidden jewels that came along with the DVD set which I have yet to view.  I purposely have NOT watched it.  When it was released I knew I would not be able to focus on it with the holidays and other craziness going on in my life.  But now we are "in the bleak midwinter" and for me this is the perfect time to revisit season 3.  And dream on of what might someday be...


  1. Very good. I enjoyed reading your article (blog) and have watched the dvd once and all the special features and you will enjoy them. They make David Lynch like your best friend.


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