A favorite movie of mine is 1999's Bowfinger.  (A terrible name for a wonderful comedy penned and starring Steve Martin and directed by Frank Oz.)  If you haven't seen it (and you should), Eddie Murphy plays mega-star Kit Ramsey (as well as his sweet, but slow brother Jiff).  Kit is pompous, but also extremely neurotic (with a fetish for the Laker Girls).  To stay focused, Kit, using his name as a mnemonic, reminds himself to Keep It Together.  Frequently through the film he rapidly utters to himself, "keep it together, keep it together."

That line from the movie has stayed with me as I understand the mantra all too well.  As I rush from day to day projects, I hear in my head Eddie Murphy's voice frantically saying "keep it together, keep it together."  Or, my own voice, repeats over and over, "Get it together, GET it together."  (Unlike Kit Ramsey, my "voice" is in my head and silent to the rest of the least most of the time!)  

It seems like every day I am TRYING to Get It Together and Keep It Together.  Is there a mom out there who DOESN'T feel that way?  Is there any PARENT out there who doesn't feel that way?

Getting out of bed in the dark and going downstairs to do an hour of exercising or walking.  I may be doing the moves, but my brain is focused elsewhere.  Get it've got to get back upstairs, get ready for work, get the boy out of bed (after the alarm has gone off for 30 minutes), make sure he has everything he needs for school (because he's a tween and HIS brain is elsewhere) and GET out that door.  Get It Together, Get It Together.

Dropping the kids off at school and getting stuck behind endless school buses, standstill traffic on the highway and distracted drivers.  Keep It Together, Keep It Together.

At work gathering information for weekly reports; trying to get 8 people to turn in their information on time so that I can consolidate it and present to upper management.  Get It Together, Get It Together.

When I look at the school's parent portal and see missing assignments and assessment results that are not what I expected.  Driving home with a sea of red tail lights.  Keep It Together!  Keep It Together!

Planning/making dinner while figuring what to bring for lunch the next day.  It is a day where my son takes lunch or buys lunch? What will the weather be tomorrow?  Sunny: put out summer-like clothes.  Cloudy:  have extra sweaters at the ready.  Get It Together!  Get It Together!

Start it all over again the next day.  Get It Together; KEEP It Together!

In this crazy life in this bizarre world, aren't we all GIT and KIT?  Surely I'm not the only one with these phrases running through my brain.  (Am I?)

We ARE getting it together and we ARE keeping it together as best we can.  So take a deep breath as you GIT and KIT and let yourself go for just a moment.  Give yourself that brief speck of time to look out the window, to take a taste (a real taste) of coffee, to hug your loved one.  Give yourself a moment.

And then it's back to...

Get It Together. 

Keep It Together.


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