Cold Winter/Warm Bed

It's not news...this winter has been brutally cold.  I hate the cold and I hate brutally cold even more!  Even for an early bird, get up and go kind of girl like me, these cold dark morning have made it VERY hard for me to crawl out of bed and do my morning routine (exercise, get snacks and lunches packed, getting my guys up, etc).  Getting out of bed when it's sunny and warm is so much easier.

I feel like I have a permanent chill.  My feet are always cold, I'm perpetually wearing the same pair of lined jeans and the only thing that comforts me in the morning is knowing that I'll have a perfectly made cup of coffee courtesy of my husband.  (Don't know how he does it or what his secret it, but he's got the coffee thing down pat.  I don't even try anymore, even on the best of days I can't come close.)

Getting out of bed in the morning has been made more difficult this year by two things.  One is the brutal cold.  What is up with this polar vortex any way?  I swear when I am sweltering in July I won't complain.  (Or I won't complain THAT MUCH, because despite my vow, you know when we hit triple digits I'll be complaining.)

The other thing that has made it more difficult was a gift from my mother-in-law:  Sunbeam FLEECE sheets.  I've had flannel sheets in the past and they are warm.   But these are fleece sheets and although they are not quite as warm as flannel, they are still quite warm and incredibly comfortable.  Forget the silk, forget the satin, forget the zillion thread count Egyptian cotton; these Sunbeam fleece sheets are the way to go!

I know there are also fleece sheets out there and I haven't tried them.  (My mother in law only bought 2 sets of sheets; one Queen for my husband and I, and one twin for my son).  Maybe they are just as good.  But over the past month or so that we've been using our Sunbeam sheets I've been sleeping warmer and happier.  And my husband loves the fact that they have deep pockets and fit our bed so well.  (With other sheets, no matter what type or brand, we often have the fitted sheet pulling up from the mattress and it's no fun waking up on bare mattress.)

I love my Sunbeam fleece sheets so much, I am considering buying more!  I feel like I have to have a "just in case" set in my linen closet.  (Because, just is case...right???).  I think my parents would love them.  I told my mother in law, who bought them for us, but not for herself, to get some because she will love them.  Of course, she's not sure she remembers where she bought them!  They are NOT available on Sunbeam's website (although they do offer all sorts of fleecy electric blankets which I am sure are great, but they are not my beloved fleece sheets!).  They are available at some on line retailers.  (At reasonable least as far as sheets go.)  Not to cause a Sunbeam Fleece Sheet panic (as if I could), if you're looking to be comfy and cosy during this brutal winter they are the way to go.

I'd tell Sunbeam about how great they are and how they should sell them on website, but I didn't see a contact them button on their website.  (I'm sure if I dig around I will find it, but I'd rather be cuddled up in my sheets than searching around.)

While there are 148 days till summer and 55 days till spring (at least at the time that I am writing this),  I will endure the rest of this cruel winter in my bed with my Sunbeam fleece sheets.  (And if were up to me, I wouldn't crawl out until the temperatures were at least back up in the 40s!)


  1. Summer is before spring this year?! Sweet!! ;) I am with you on the dislike of this brutal weather and like you, I am constantly cold. I do have an electric blanket on my bed though - I can turn it down if I get too hot. :)

  2. I'm LOL I'm just as ready for warm weather too. BTW they make lined jeans??

  3. Oops...sorry Mary Ann...I fixed it...I forgot the 1.

    And yes Janet they make flannel and FLEECE lined jeans. Check out LL Bean. (Gee, I'm plugging alot today...but I still say I LOVE my Sunbeam fleece sheets most of all)

  4. My english is very bad, sorry :( But article is interesting.


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