Bfth's Bitchin' or Would You Like A Little Cheese With That W(h)ine?

"April is the cruelest month."  So says T. S. Elliot's classic "The Waste Land."  (Full confession:  I haven't read it; shame on me.)  Perhaps if I was an accountant, I'd agree, but I'm going to have to say that February has it all over April when it comes to cruelty.

The cold, snow and ice just make for nastiness all around. (I know: go south young woman if you want some sunshine.  Don't think I haven't considered it.)  My 6.5 mile commute (give or take) has turned into an hour drive!  And not just once.  I thought something was wrong when it took me that long to get home last night (actually to the hospital to visit my dad which is less than 6 miles and took me nearly 50 minutes).  I even gave myself some extra time this morning; leaving 10 minutes prior to when I would usually.  Yet I was still late as I sat on the congested avenue with no movement in sight. 

I understand the lanes are narrower.  They have to be to accommodate all the ice and snow that has been scraped off the street.  (Although plenty still remains as we all drive over the lumps and bumps.) I wonder where they will find the room for the next batch that is scheduled to come.

It also makes it difficult to walk.  My son walks to school and I know it is a challenge.  Not everyone does cut outs at the corners.  I walked from my car to the hospital yesterday and while the sidewalks were clear and ice free, GETTING to the sidewalk from the street meant climbing over a tamped down pile of snow; which would not have been so bad if it were daylight hours, but going after dusk (and it was pretty dark by the time I made it through the traffic) was a little dicey.  (And I was reminded of how old I am getting as I felt like the typical old lady trying not to fall.)

The industrial complex where I work is full of mountains of plowed snow and ice and slush covered roads.  Perhaps that's why someone rammed into my driver's side bumper yesterday.  (I'll never know who; although I do know whoever it was has no manners or he or she should have at least left a note.  The only thing I do know is that it isn't cheap to replace/repair a bumper on an SUV.  And while my Ford Escape is nearly 6 years old and has its share of dents and scraps it is still a vehicle that I try to take care of and will have for several more years.)  We all make mistakes and accidents do happen and it would have been nice if whoever did it had attempted to apologize for it.  With all the traffic that goes in and out of the complex there is no way of knowing if it was another car or one of the 18 wheelers that cruise around.  (No security cameras around, but thanks of asking.)

It's supposed to "warm up" a little over the weekend (meaning that temperatures while finally get above freezing).  That means it will be time to head out and try and chop and shovel a wider pathway to my driveway.  (Forget about getting to the garage!  There's just too much snow and ice to try and widen it enough to make backing down the hill a feasible idea.  Maybe by April?)  I can get in and out now, but opening car doors on both sides?  Not going to happen; at least until I am able to clear away some more of the mess.  (I'm sure my husband will help too, but I've got to give the man his credit.  He spent a good 45 minutes or so in the bitter cold the other day clearing around my parent's house so that my mother could get to the car without killing herself.)

It may only be the first week in February, but I am telling you; February is the cruelest month.  Thank God it's only 28 days long!  (At least it is this year; how will I face it NEXT year when there's one more day!  Ugh!)


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