Sunny Days and Muddy Pants.

Late yesterday afternoon I called my son in for dinner.  He'd been sick for most of the week and this was his first time out playing.  He was wearing gray sweatpants.  At least he had been when he ventured outside earlier in the afternoon.  When he came home his pants were muddy brown, streaked gray/green and there was also pink splotches (paint, he told me).  Am I mad?  Am I upset?  NO!

Yesterday was the first real spring day I can recall.  I pulled out chairs from storage in the garage.  I didn't even bother to wipe them off (and they were pretty filthy).  I just plopped my butt down and took in the day.  It was warm.  There were birds singing.  There were two crocuses (that my son discovered) that had bloomed.  And it looks like several tulips are trying to make a comeback.

My son ran all over the backyard.  He was on his hands and knees in the grass digging up mud.  God knows what else he was up to when the neighbor's kids came by to get him.  He ran off with their to their yard.  (Although they did come running back again later...only to leave when I told them to stay out of the garage.)

I, on the other hand, kept my backside safely planted in the chair.  I had a good book and I wasn't going anywhere.  There was lots I could have done, there was lots of should have done (like cleaning off the chairs), but I didn't.  I just sat back and relaxed.  I enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.  I let the day go.

So when my son came home with pants that were barely recognizable, it was OK.  He also had  a sunburned back of the neck (that will teach me). I know that spring is really here in NJ.  (Even though I still haven't brought in that last shovel.)

Although we are supposed to get rain later in the day, I still have the sun in my heart.  Amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air can do for the soul.  I highly recommend it.


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