First Walk of The Season

Saturday morning in spring (where it actually feels like spring).  It was the perfect time to get back out there and walk.  I was up early (when am I going to learn to sleep in on the weekends?) so off I went.

It's been a long time since I was out for a morning walk.  And my legs felt those hills!  But I knew I needed it.  Not just physically, but mentally. Usually getting out there makes me appreciate what I've got and what's around me.  I needed that today and I've been needing it for a while.

Unfortunately, as things have changed in my life, so also have they stayed the same.  I am a positive person, but once again I have found myself in a negative situation.  I know this situation will not last much's just a matter of which will come first, will I be able to open the door and walk out with my head held high or will I get booted in the behind?  As much as I am working toward the former (see previous blog entry on dealing with disappointment), I'm afraid it will be the latter.  And as bad as that might be in one way, it will also be positive.

So to quote Dory from the wonderful movie Finding Nemo "just keep swimming."  Or in my case walking.  For as down as I may feel (and despite my best efforts I do have my down days where I go through a box of tissues) and as many frustrations that I might face (and let's face it the frustrations are many in this day in age and mine are the worst, just because they are MINE!), there is still a great deal to be thankful for.  There are still plenty of reasons to "just keep swimming."  Mostly those the love of my family and friends.  (And I don't think I ever appreciated that as much as I have over the past several years.  It DOES take adversity to make you realize that the people in your life MAKE your life.)  But there is also the beauty of a morning walk.  The sun rising slowly until the day is really here.  The grass finally turning green.  The buds on the trees peeping out.  And, my favorite, the chalk drawings on the sidewalk and driveway (courtesy of my son...and the little rain that we did get overnight didn't wash them away which makes it all the better).

The first walk of the season did a number on my legs, but it also helped my psyche.  And while I've still got a long way to go from the negative to the positive, I will just keep walking.


  1. Hang in there, maybe the new Spring will bring renewed chances for change for you!


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