It Started With A Concert...

A year go Saturday (that would be April 12th), my husband took me to a concert.  This was back when I had a job that paid me enough so that we could go to concerts (which are never cheap).  It was the first time the two of us "officially" saw Michael Nesmith together.  (We had both seen him in concert many years before, but that doesn't count since we didn't know each other then.)  It was a wonderful night.  There was wonderful music. And I will never forget it.

That concert so moved me that I decided to write about it.  I felt that I had to.  I wanted to capture what I felt, what the experience meant to me.  I did it for myself.  And then I decided to put it in a blog.

I had tried to blog many, many years ago.  But I didn't know what to say.  Or I didn't know what the point of blogging was. Maybe I should have stuck with it then, but I didn't.  (Aren't all our lives filled with maybes and should haves?)

This review/article/blog memory was just something to do.  I didn't know if anyone would read it.  (If there was no Facebook, no LinkedIn...would anyone have read it?)  It didn't really matter to me.  I just wanted to write it and put it out there.  And that's what I have continued to do.

I just write.  It isn't always good, it isn't always bad.  Sometimes it's just plain "blah." It's just what I'm thinking or feeling. And it's whenever I am moved (or have the time) to do it.  There is no deadline for me.  (Although I do sometimes create one for myself...and I'm not sure why.)  I just write because I can.  And so I do.

I realize that today mark's the 1st anniversary of this blog.  Does that really mean anything?  I'm not sure.  In some ways I am surprised that I continue to do this.  In other ways, I realize that I've been doing it all my life.  (And I have the notebooks hidden in my basement to prove it.)

Some people take photos.  Some people run marathons.  This is what I do.  I do it just because.  There is no financial reward for me (although I really wish there were!).  There is no medal at the end of the race, mostly because there is no race and no end.  (At least I hope not.)

I do this for me.  Maybe to give myself some self worth.  Maybe to vent my frustrations and fears.  (And boy do I have A LOT of those!)  Maybe just to say, "HEY!  Here I am!"

So here I am.  It's one year later and amazingly I'm still doing this.  And even more amazingly there are some people out there who are actually reading this.  Who knew what good friends I had?  (And over the past 2 years I've come to realize what wonderful friends and family I have and appreciate each and every one of you more than you'll ever know.)  Even more amazingly, there seem to be a few people out there who I don't know who have read this.  (Thank you!)

So I think as long as I have something to say (and maybe even when I don't), I'll keep doing this.  I'll find a few minutes every now and then and just sit down and type and let the words come out from out of my brain through my fingers and onto this screen.  I'll spell check.  (As best I can.)  I'll save.  And I'll hit that publish button.

This last year has been a rough one.  Just like the year for before it.  I am ready for a change.  I am hoping for a change.  But whatever happens, rough or not, I'll be blogging about it.

Thank you for reading this.  For reading any of the words that I've put on the "page."  And thank you for letting me know that you have read and letting me know what you think.  (Good or bad...)  I appreciate all of you.


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