No April Fool

As you go out today, don't be the April Fool.  Go out with a positive attitude and know that you can handle whatever life dishes out.

I know words are much easier than actions.  I know there are negative people out there who will cut you down rather than lift you up.  And I KNOW how hard it is to deal with those people.  Even those of us who are "up" can get down when dealing with that sort of person.  But let it wash over you.  Like a giant under and come back up with a smile.

And smile whenever you can.  You never know how a simple smile can impact one person's day.  Just as a negative one can bring you down, a positive one can bring you up.  A simple, kind action or word can make all the difference in the world to someone.

So don't let the negatives of the day get you down.  Smile.  Move forward.  Be positive.  Your day will be much better for it.


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