Putting Away The Shovel

I think it's finally time.  That one last shovel in by the front door, do I dare put it away?  (We put away the other three we have and the ice chopper.  The bag of ice melt is still on the landing by the cellar stairs, but it may stay there undisturbed until...well I don't want to think about that.)

The patches of snow have finally melted away from our street.  Even the huge mountain at the end of the block that I thought might never got away.  (No comment on the mountains that still exist at the local shopping plaza.  They are black and still taller than I am, but they are shrinking and I'm taking that as a sign.)

The lawn is not yet green.  It is still a dingy brown.  But the buds on the trees that line the street are starting go come.  I've seen crocuses actually start to pop up on my neighbors lawn and the leaves of the tulips in my backyard are actually peering up through the dirt.

While I might not be ready to take the cuddly fleece sheets off the bed yet, might it be time to take off one of the blankets?

Can I bring out the faux Adirondack  chairs from the garage and put them in the front of my house?  Is the day coming soon that I can sit in one with a good book while I hear the shrieks  of the neighborhood children (my own included) playing?

Can it be time?

Is it finally time?


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